Reformed or Not Reformed....the Sequel.

How a manifesto helped a 3-year old prediction on the always corrupt LAPD come true

By William Gallegos
Published on LatinoLA: March 18, 2013

Reformed or Not Reformed....the Sequel.

In September of 2010, I did a story for titled, "Reformed or not reformed....that is the question". This story focused on the many infamous events involving dirty LAPD cops since the early 1990's. From the beating of Rodney King to the Rampart scandal and from the MacArthur Park melee to the then-recent killing of a Latino immigrant who, although was waving a knife while intoxicated, was gunned down by LAPD cops far too many times, the story talked about how no matter how many times city leaders insisted the best was yet to come when it came to unity between the LAPD and the people of LA, another incident involving dirty LAPD cops would once again be making headlines and would once again prevent that unity from ever happening.

Like many of my controversial (but honestly-spoken) stories, this one would also get some criticism. Several individuals, who I am guessing were cops, told me to read the policies when it came to police shootings while others told me that I need to know what it's like to do their job. The story would also be shared with a publication as far away as San Diego, where one female reader, who I am guessing was either a cop or the spouse of one (or perhaps even the "life partner" of one), defended the negative actions of both the many corrupt LAPD cops and their conscience-free Police Chief Charlie Beck before telling me how I need to realize that one day I may need the help of these same dirty LAPD cops.

Regardless of all the negative feedback I was hit with, I still stand by this story 100%.

As mentioned above, I predicted in this story that it was going to be just a matter of time until another incident involving dirty LAPD cops took place, proving that once again, unity between the LAPD and the people of LA will never exist. I do consider myself as someone who is not a stranger when it comes to making predictions.

For example, some years earlier in 2007, you may have remembered another story I wrote for involving a 30-something year old Chicano mural in Highland Park and how City Councilman Jose Huizar had chose not to do anything about my requests in getting it fixed (it had fallen victim to continuous gang graffiti). The story talked about the lies and neglect both I and the people of Highland Park had to put up with from both Huizar and his staff. I predicted in this 2007 story (read its 2008 follow-up story, "The neglected Highland park mural") that the Councilman had no intentions on ever fixing this mural unless "re-election time was right around the corner".

Huizar would eventually fix the mural four years later, in 2011.........some 1-2 months before election day.

Coincidence? Can you say, "I fixed your mural, now give me your vote"? I know Huizar was able to!

The whole point of this mural story? Having also made a prediction in my 2010 story on how it would be only a matter of time until we hear another story about dirty LAPD cops making headlines, it seems that once again, a prediction of mine is coming true.

Sometime last holiday season, I was considering doing this "Reform or not reformed" sequel because of the many new stories that were popping up in such a small amount of time regarding one dirty LAPD cop after another.

There was the evil Stephanie Lazarus, the LAPD detective who after 20+ years, finally got busted for the murder of her ex-boyfriend's new wife back in 1986. There was the cowardly LAPD cop Mark Mireles who was being investigated for harassing a female art gallery owner by demanding she give control of the gallery to him. There was the amateur video of a young man viciously kicked by an LAPD cop, while already on the ground, simply for skateboarding on the wrong side of the street. There was the story of the man locked in a motel room and beaten badly by multiple LAPD cops, as if this were an episode of "The Sopranos". There was the story involving a female LAPD cop who kicked a young woman in the groin, resulting in the death of that young woman. And there was the nurse who was slammed on the hard ground of a fast food parking lot by an LAPD cop, unaware that the slamming was caught on security camera. All these horrific incidents in just a rough span of six months! Don't believe these incidents took place? Then I suggest you search them on Google or Youtube!

And just like many of the incidents mentioned in my first story, every cop involved in the above incidents (with the exception of Lazarus) still works for the department and is still getting a nice, fat paycheck, courtesy of city tax dollars.

Think about the many incidents out there involving dirty LAPD cops that take place on a daily basis but don't make the evening news. Better yet, think about the millions of dollars spent each and every week, paying off victims of these many gangster-like cops.

And people want to know why the city of Los Angeles is going broke!

So because I was too busy with other priorities, I had little time to write a full story involving these latest incidents of dirty LAPD cops and figured it was best to leave it behind. Of course, with my predictions of yet another incident involving dirty LAPD cops likely to still happen, I was still certain something big was going to come along, making a sequel to my 2010 story still possible.

So just recently, a horrific story involving a young couple shot dead in their car makes headlines. With no signs of a robbery, the question asked is, "Were they targeted"? Once I heard about how the young lady was the daughter of a former cop, I asked myself if her relationship to this former cop had anything to do with the murders. And then comes the identity of the killer, Charles Dorner. It would turn out that this man behind these murders was an ex-cop who knew exactly who his target was, because of the fact that the female victim's dad was the cop-turned-lawyer who may have purposely did a poor job in saving the job of this man.

Now what made this story attract many from throughout the entire country was not only this ex-cop's running from the law but his 11,000 word manifesto that ended up circulating on the internet. I am guessing all of you that are reading my story right now have already read this manifesto. If you have yet to read it, I suggest you do!!!

Next thing you know, as a result of this manifesto, every cop mentioned in it is given round-the-clock protection. Even the cops on motorcycles are told to stay off their bikes for their own protection. Of course, because of the removal of all motorcycle cops, I'm guessing the number of completed ticket quotas would drop to their lowest numbers in decades (just being honest......don't deny the fact that quotas do exist in the department).

So then we hear from good ol' Police Chief Charlie Beck and the soon-to-be ex-Mayor (Thank God!) Antonio Villaraigosa, who both start comparing Dorner to a "domestic terrorist". I wish Beck and Villaraigosa had the guts to compare dirty LAPD cops to "street thugs and gangsters".

As for Villaraigosa, anything he said this day was nothing more than "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" with his famous "uhhhhh" somewhere in his worthless speech. Having being forced see the Mayor on TV, I think I speak for many when I say that anything Villaraigosa had to say this day likely went in one ear of the average LA citizen and out the other. This is a man whose career has long been heading downward, the same way Dorner's did (though I will say Villaraigosa's downward spiral was brought on by himself and not by dirty LAPD cops).

Just think about what has happened to Villaraigosa the last 8-10 months......1) he gets dumped by his reporter-girlfriend, 2) he makes a fool out of himself at the Democratic National Convention, 3) he pisses off the bigshots of LA by admitting he knew that AEG, the ones behind the new Farmers Field football stadium, was on the market long before anyone knew, 4) he then pisses off both LA football fans and the possible 30,000 union job seekers, now that no NFL team is committing to LA this year (putting the stadium's construction on hold until at least another year), 5) he gets busted hanging out with Charlie Sheen and some prostitutes, claiming it was nothing more than a quick "hello", only for Sheen and many witnesses to call Villaraigosa "a liar" (all claiming they hung out for hours), 6) he brags about getting a possible cabinet position in DC after his term ends, only to find out that Obama has no intentions on giving him one, and 7) he now has to deal with this shooting spree brought on by the same corrupt police department he is always kissing butt to (in return for election time endorsements).

If I was the Mayor, I would do the people of Los Angeles a favor by keeping myself locked up in a cave until my term is up.

Going back to the manifesto, let's make this clear....I do not support the killings of Dorner but what this guy wrote is worth reading! I won't call him a hero but I definitely approve of what he has written and I definitely believe every word of it. No one is going to waste their time writing 11,000 words of bullcrap which is why I know everything in it is 100% true. Let's also remember that though many cops are mentioned in the manifesto as being responsible for Dorner's downward spiral and/or for his wrongful firing from the LAPD, there are those also mentioned that are commended for the role they played in Dorner becoming a cop (ie...the current La Palma Police Chief).

Think about this people.....who in the hell is going to write a false manifesto that actually talks highly of a cop such as the La Palma Police Chief? I know I speak for many when I say that this ex-cop was wrongly fired and when I say that I believe his life spiraled downwards because of his wrongful dismissal from the department.

One of the things mentioned in Dorner's manifesto was the existence of racism towards blacks in the department and the heavy use of the N-word. In the time since Dorner's death, two black ex-cops have already come forward claiming they too fell victim to the N-word by fellow LAPD cops while a black female, who only wanted to be known as "Crystal", claimed the same thing too (not sure if she is or was an LAPD cop). All three understood how the existence of racism towards blacks in the department could have led to Dorner's downfall.

Then there were the dozen or so former and current cops in the LAPD who contacted Fox 11 News legal analyst Robin Sax, informing her about how they too have witnessed racism and the use of the N-word in the department and how no dirty/racist cop will dare report another dirty/racist cop to a higher authority because all dirty/racist LAPD cops have something called the "Code of Silence".

The funny thing about all these former and current cops coming forward and bringing up the subject of racism in the department is that just a week after these individuals coming forward makes the news, Chief Charlie Beck does a press conference where he introduces to all, an interracial LAPD couple (white husband, black wife) whose names were listed on the manifesto.

Is it not a coincidence that of all the cops mentioned in the manifesto, Chief Beck only picks these two to speak up about the ordeal (and only about the ordeal) just days after dozens speak up about racism in the LAPD? Perhaps it's Chief Beck's way of trying to tell the public that the LAPD is a "negro-friendly" police department that welcomes "negros" (this line does not make me racist). Is this interracial couple that stupid to not realize that they were being used at this press conference?

And what about the other many cops mentioned in the manifesto? Why are these racist, corrupt cowards still hiding, considering Dorner is now dead! We are going on roughly two months already since his death and yet, none have come forward to declare their innocence. I think what America wants to know is, "where is Officer Evans, the corrupt, female training cop who started all this mess when she kicked a suspect in the presence of trainee Dorner"?

When Dorner was still on the run, a Facebook friend of mine had commented on how she understood what Mr. Dorner was going through but felt it was time to turn himself in. I responded by insisting that Officer Evans should also come forward and comment on what has happened. If she is innocent, what does she have to hide? A friend of this facebook friend would comment on my comment, insisting that he knows Officer Evans personally (he is an LAPD officer), saying that she is "sweet" and that she is only under 5' tall.

By revealing this officer's height, I am guessing that this male cop wanted me to assume that a short woman could never kick a mentally challenged man? I once worked with a female supervisor who was around 5' tall and I could definitely tell you that she was one pure b**ch! Give this same supervisor a gun and badge and have her deal with a mentally challenged suspect and I can guarantee you that she's capable of kicking this person as well. As for being sweet, of course close co-workers, friends, and loved ones of Officer Evans will likely call her a "sweet" person. Almost every cop (male or female) from any department known for being arrogant or dirty towards the average law-abiding person is likely considered to be a "sweet" or "great" cop by their fellow cops, friends, and loved ones. DUHHH!

Take Mark Fuhrman for example. Here was the LAPD's most famous racist of all time. Karma would strike him down when an old interview of him calling fellow black cops the "N" word would be revealed to the public some years later. People magazine did a story on him following the release of this tape and yet, those LAPD cops who worked with him while he was a patrol officer some years earlier all insisted in this interview that regardless of what he did, he was still a "great cop".

What about the four cops who beat Rodney King? What about the cops in the Rampart Scandal? What about those cops seen brutalizing reporters and other members of the media at the MacArthur Park melee? I'm sure they all have co-workers, friends and loved ones who will still insist they are all "great cops".

One thing is certain about Officer Evans....if she ever considers accepting a TV interview with any left-wing channel or show (the key word here is "if"), I can guarantee you that she'll have a lawyer by side, pre-choosing her questions ahead of time and/or making the decisions when it comes to answering the tough questions. The longer she hides, the more easier it will be to consider her guilty.

To the Facebook friend of my Facebook friend....being "sweet" doesn't mean crap"!

So why do we continue to wait and wait for Evans and the rest of the dirty, racist cops mentioned in Dorner's manifesto to come forward and tell their side of the story? Maybe it's because Chief Beck wants to permanently keep all things quiet from this day on. Of course, he's reopened the case involving Dorner's firing because he wants to assure the public that the investigation will be fair. He claims he is doing this as his way of earning the public's trust.

I got news for you Chief Beck......YOU LOST THAT TRUST LONG AGO!

We now have the police commission getting involved, demanding that "change is overdue" (as if this will bring trust to the community). Did we not hear them also say that "change is overdue" following the other mentioned scandals that rocked the department? These commission members, along with Beck and Villaraigosa, will be doing nothing more than scratching each other's backs.

As for the investigation, I believe the investigators reopening this case will be fair just like I believe the jurors in the trials of those men involved in the murders of both Medger Evers and Emmitt Till were also fair.

What makes us, the public, think that the same department who did the original investigation that led to Dorner's dismissal will suddenly decide to side with the same Charles Dorner who had a hit list of LAPD officers and who was responsible for killing both a former cop's daughter and two other cops?

Remember some 15 years ago or so when the North Hollywood shooting took place? One of the two gunmen would end up killing himself while the other bled to death. The mother of the one who bled to death would sue the LAPD, claiming that the police purposely let her son bleed to death. The detective being sued claimed he did his best to get help for the bleeding gunman and that he told the bleeding gunman, "hang on tight buddy, help is on the way" (I still remember this line very well!).

Are you kidding me! This detective is going to tell the same gunman who tried killing many of that same detective's fellow co-workers to "hang on tight buddy". Although I will say that I have little respect for many arrogant and dirty cops in the LAPD, I will say that in this situation, you have to side with the department.

It's common sense....this detective purposely made no effort to save this bleeding gunman's life the same way LAPD investigators will make no effort to bring the type of justice Dorner would want.

As for the detective in the North Hollywood shooting trial, he would lose both his savings (meant for his kids' college future) and his house, as a result of the legal fees brought on from this lawsuit. To this day, I still wonder where the LAPD Protective League was at when he needed them. The case would later be dropped.

As for the investigation involving all the officers mentioned in the manifesto, I see nothing good coming out of this. One high-ranking cop in the department is already standing by the decision that led to Dorner's firing, as if he already knows the outcome.

As for Chief Beck, I see him as nothing more than the Roger Hahony of law enforcement....coverups, coverups, and more coverups. I don't see any cops losing their jobs or getting disciplined as a result of this reopened investigation.

Like all of us, we have seen our share of postings, feedbacks, and opinions on Charles Dorner but what has amazed me most is the very large percentage of those who have come to the support of this man. I personally stand by this man as well, simply because of the dirty cops responsible for his firing and because of the whistleblowing he has committed (someone had to speak up).

I have also been very amazed at the many other so-called whistleblowers who have talked online about the corruption that continues to go on in the LAPD. I have read postings from those facebook friends and have heard from those non-facebook friends about how they have been told by fellow friends currently or formerly in the department about how what Charles Dorner revealed in his manifesto happens one too many times in their station and how corruption is far too common in the always controversial LAPD.

I even read a posting from a Facebook friend of mine on how they knew someone who wanted to become an LAPD cop for the sole purpose of "beating up suspects". This would-be cop said that he was told by a friend that this friend's dad is currently an LAPD cop who enjoys beating suspects up on a regular basis. Think about the very large number of young punks out there right now wanting to join the LAPD for this same, negative reason.

Of course, put these same dirty cops in front of a classroom of young kids on career day or in front of a reporter and when asked why they wanted to be a cop, it's the same bullcrap response...."I love working with people and I want to make a difference in the community". HA HA HA!

It seems that Dorner's following has gotten so big that a group of his followers have called themselves "Team Dorner". There were even posters in the Silverlake area with Dorner in red, white, and blue, with the words "Hope" at the bottom (similar to the Obama's "Hope" poster). I think we all need to come to our senses by admitting that a very, very large percentage of these followers do not consist of gangbangers, ex-cons, or radical occupy protestors but of decent, hard-working, law-abiding individuals (like me) who are just sick and tired of the many (and I say "many") dirty, corrupt LAPD cops who believe that they can do or say anything they want to anyone simply because they have a badge and gun and because their union, Chief Beck, and local politicians prefer to look the other way.

Look what happened in Fullerton. Several dirty cops beat a harmless man to death and the community shows its outrage. The result of the community coming together....two cops stand trial for murder, the firing of these same cops take place, and city politicians who looked the other way for months get recalled. Does all this make those members of the community bad people for expressing their outrage over dirty cops? Were these members of the community gangbangers, ex-cons, or occupy protestors? They too were nothing more than decent, hard-working, law-abiding individuals who were standing up to dirty, corrupt cops.

Sadly, you will never get those of all ages and backgrounds from the Los Angeles community to come together this same powerful way. The Latinos will stay out of it due to fear of deportation, the asians will stay out of it because they never like involvement in issues like this, the blacks will stay out of this because most have moved to the San Bernardino and Riverside counties (where they likely have to deal with racist and dirty cops out there as well), and the whites will stay out of it because the chances of them falling victim to racial profiling or harassment by the LAPD are slim to none (duhhh!).

Of course, there are those defending the LAPD while avoiding to comment on the manifesto. Just as we are reading posting after posting on how we applaud Dorner only for his whistleblowing and how we are sick of the always corrupt and dirty LAPD, we are also getting postings (but not as many) on those once again reminding us on how we need to remember that we will need these same LAPD officers one day.

I'm sorry but you can't be reminding us about supporting these same dirty LAPD cops every single time controversy involving them takes place within the department. If people express their outrage over 4 white cops beating an unarmed black man, I suppose these same people need to remember that they may need these same cops one day? If people express their outrage over a group of gangster cops terrorizing citizens in the Rampart area, I suppose these same people need to remember that they may need these same cops one day? And If people express their outrage over a large group of cops seen pushing or even knocking down members of the media at MacArthur Park, I suppose these same people need to remember that they may need these same cops one day?

What's that you say? Cops have a risky job? So do commercial pilots, taxi drivers, late-night convenient store workers, and cal-tran workers. The only difference.........the above professions don't become a-holes through their jobs the same way dirty LAPD cops do.

Going back to the manifesto, I couldn't help taking my eyes off it, which many of my friends could not do as well. It was so worth reading. The one thing I read that disgusted me most was how the average LAPD cop sees dead victims as "Waverunners, RV's, and new clothes for their kids" because of the extra money in overtime these cops will receive by spending some 6 hours at a crime scene. These same cops will then take photos of these innocent victims' dead bodies and share it with officers of other divisions, turning this into a game in which cops try to show other cops from other divisions who has the most graphic dead body of the night. According to Dorner, these weren't just young cops playing this game but older veteran cops as well.


Think about people! Who makes this up? Someone out there will eventually one day back Dorner up on this by admitting this does happen still!

These victims could have included a young child doing nothing more than playing in their front yard, an elderly person taking a nice walk with their spouse of 50-something years, or even a loved one of yours! These people lying dead in their own pool of blood, and yet, at the same time, being photographed by cops who then share their photos with other cops throughout the city for the purpose of bragging rights.

And yet, some idiot out there is still going to remind me that we need to support these cops because of the tough job they have!

This cell phone photo game came as no surprise to me. For years, I have always believed that cops are capable of caring little about dead people, even if those dead people were innocent bystanders who were just going about their business.

Take the Covina police department, a department known for being such jerks (as if they are the only ones!). I remember a story some 10 years ago about a young man in his 20's who was in Covina, using a drive-thru ATM machine at night when he was confronted by a young punk armed with a gun. The punk would rob the young man for his money before killing him (the punk would eventually turn himself in when the news revealed his identity via an ATM camera filming the robbery). What disgusted me most about the story, other than the fact that a young man was dead, was that when the story hit the news, the group of Covina cops securing the crime scene were seen on camera sharing a few laughs with each other.

Just is a young man whose grieving family was perhaps at the same crime scene trying to get answers and yet just feet from them are a bunch of cops cracking jokes with each other. I am sure many of us have witnessed this on the news many times but it was this one coverage involving the Covina PD that still sickens me most to this day! And people want to know why I continue to insist cops don't have a conscience.

And yet, once again, some idiot out there is going to remind me that we need to support these cops because of the tough job they have! I challenge anyone to tell me I am wrong when I say that cops, like these Covina cops, don't have a conscience!

And speaking of not having a conscience.....just what in the hell is in the mind of LAPD cops when they shoot at a truck occupied by two latina women doing nothing more than delivering papers in order to make a decent living? Eight cops shooting a little over 100 bullets at a truck of both a color and make/model different from Dorner's truck. Are you kidding me! What happened to "surrounding the vehicle" or "calling for backup" or "flashing the light" at the vehicle? Hell, I seem to know more when it comes to LAPD training. I suppose these LAPD cops were trained to, 1) kill now, 2) confirm identity next, and 3) payoff grieving family members last?

Is it that hard to tell the difference between two latinas and a black man, even behind tinted windows or in the dark? Were the vehicle lights of the patrol car driven by these killer cops not working? This reminds me of when JJ from the show "Good Times" was arrested because he matched the description of a robbery thief. The tall and skinny JJ would be later released when the real thief, a short and fat individual, was caught.

Channel 7 news would question the shooting. LAPD Commander Andy Smith, the white, skinny, bald LAPD cop who is always being interviewed on TV, would respond by simply saying, "tensions are high".

That's it? Tensions are high? There could have been a child in the back seat shot dead from these gangster LAPD cops and still, the response would have been, "tensions are high". You notice how cops will never use the words "we're sorry" or "we admit wrongdoing" when involved in wrongful arrests, shootings, or even killings?

Unlike the LAPD in this truck shooting, at least the cops in the "Good Times" episode apologized to the Evans family. And yes, I will compare a TV show to the LAPD.

As for Chief Beck, he tried (the key word here is "tried") to make it up to these women by offering them a new truck. With roughly two months gone since the promising of that new truck, he then made some changes by offering them a used truck. When the women angrily turned down his new offer, he then offered them a new truck as originally promised but then made the offer under the condition that the ladies pay all taxes on the vehicle (approximately $10,000.00). The city would eventually be pressured into paying these two ladies $40,000.00 to cover the cost of a new truck (no thanks to Chief Beck but to KFI radio).

Just another example of why the public should never trust Chief Beck!

And yet once again, there are idiots out there who are going to once again remind me to support these cops because of the job they have. Easy to say this when these two wounded latina women aren't related to these same idiots!

As for the attempted murderers involved in the shooting of these innocent latinas, they would all go on to be placed on paid leave. In other words........VACATION TIME! WHOO HOO!!!

I continue to smell a big fat lawsuit for the city of Los Angeles!!!! Can you say, "going broke"? Give it time because it will happen sooner than one thinks. There was a story recently on the news about how the cost of finding Dorner and the cost of using LAPD cops as security for those families listed on the manifesto was so high, the city may have to ask the state for financial help. I can bet you that if the state does come to the rescue, they'll be using prop 30 funds to cover these costs.

Late last year, I did a story on why we should not vote for prop 30 ("getting suckered by prop 30"). I mentioned how LA residents had approved a cigarette tax some ten years ago, around the same time the Rampart scandal was taking place. Because of the millions being paid out to those victims of the scandal, the city was so much in the red that then-Mayor Richard Riordan had no other choice but to use the cigarette tax money to pay off these Rampart scandal victims. Expect the same to happen with prop 30 funds.

And this is why prop 30 is a total joke that was never meant solely for the schools and its kids.

As for the cops who worked those long hours during the hunt for Dorner, they"ll be glad to know that they'll be getting "Waverunners, RV's, and new clothes for their kids"

So what happens from here on when it comes to unity between the LAPD and the people of LA? Absolutely nothing, though there are those who will once again try to make you believe things are getting better between the two.

Perhaps the LAPD will put more cops in classrooms full of young kids as their way of gaining trust? Perhaps a cop or two will show up for an hour or so convincing these kids that the LAPD are their friends and that they are simply, as they say in the old Sesame Street song, "the people in your neighborhood".

Let's remember that today's kids are the LAPD's preys of tomorrow. These are the same kids who, 10-15 years from now, will get pulled over and harassed by these same cops because their looks or the nice car they worked hard for automatically makes them "suspicious". Some of these female kids will even one day grow up to be an attractive women, perhaps resulting in a married LAPD cop or two trying to take advantage of them once pulling them over (ie....the demand of a phone number in exchange for a verbal warning).

Remember.....almost every one of you reading this story was once that kid in the classroom who was told by an LAPD cop during show and tell or career day back in the 1970's, 80's, and 90's that they were our "trustworthy" friends. How many of you have since had an unfortunate encounter with a dirty LAPD cop thanks in part to your race, looks, or the nice car you worked hard for? Just being honest!

Take another phony example of unity. CNN did a special a couple of years ago that looked back at the Rodney King beatings. It was the last segment of this special that caught my attention. This last segment looked at the relationship between the department and the community today. There, an attractive female cop from the LAPD was doing an interview while driving in her patrol car. She insisted that things have gotten better with the community since the days of Rodney King. This cop was then shown on camera waving and saying hello to people walking the neighborhood streets as she was driving.

First of all, I don't care what department it is but no cop ever waves and says hello to people while driving in their patrol car. Cops have something we call "arrogance". This isn't Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show! The left-wing media may take most of its viewers for a bunch of fools but they're not going to make one out of me. And second, unless this female cop was in a frozen chamber from the week after the Rodney King beatings to the week before her interview, she needs to remember that we had something called the Rampart Scandal, an incident that brought fear not to just one individual (Rodney King) but to an entire community.

I'm waiting for CNN to get in touch with this same female cop so that they can grill her with such questions related to the common use of the N-word in the department, bragging rights through the use of graphic cell phone photos, the wrongful shooting of two innocent latinas, and the millions of tax dollars wasted this year alone, thanks in part to dirty LAPD cops who continue to terrorize the streets of LA.

Speaking of wasted tax dollars, Angelinos have since been asked to vote for a measure that would help "protect Los Angeles". Like the trash fee increases that were suppose to put more cops on the street (but did not) and like that other measure from years ago, that featured promotional commercials with both Mayor Villaraigosa and former Chief Bill Bratton, that was also suppose to put more cops on the streets (but once again did not) , this latest measure, known as "Measure A" was also supposed to put more cops on the streets. Without measure A, Chief Beck and Mayor Villaraigosa both claimed that Los Angeles would be in trouble (sure!). Was it not just last summer when these two liars were bragging about how Los Angeles was at its safest in decades? It's obvious that since Californians were stupid enough to approve prop 30, the Chief and Mayor were both convinced Angelinos would be just as stupid to approve Measure A, whose real purposes were to cover payraises, legal expenses, out of court settlements, pensions, and other wasteful spending voters were not told about. NOTHING MORE!!!!

It's amazing how the Police Chief of LA can claim he is reopening the Dorner case for the sole purpose of gaining the trust of LA citizens but yet will sucker these same citizens when it comes to why Los Angeles needs Measure A passed.

Measure A: To "Protect Los Angeles"? Give me a break!

Shockingly but thankfully, the voters of LA came to their senses and shot it down.

Since Beck insisted through past interviews that hundreds of cops could likely be laid off in the event Measure A failed, I'm wondering when he will hold his press conference, announcing these "so-called" layoffs.

I say we start laying off every dirty LAPD cop mentioned in both this sequel and its original, starting with Officer Evans.

As I always say at the very end of each of my honestly-spoken stories, this story is not about being negative but about being honest. Like my first "reformed or not reformed" story, this sequel does not promote wishing the falling of any cop in the line of duty, though I will gladly say that I do believe in the firing of arrogant, dirty cops who knowingly and willingly commit the type of actions that tarnish the badge. This story doesn't make me "anti-cop" but "anti-dirty cop". In case one does not notice, not once do I trash-talk "good cops" in this story (I welcome anyone to show me proof that I did). And just like my first story, I am aware that this sequel will get its share of negative feedback, especially from those associated with law enforcement.

Here is a thought...."is it possible for a "great cop" to defend any "dirty cop" mentioned in either of my "reformed or not reformed" stories?

Let's say you, the reader, were the average person who considered yourself to be "a hard worker", who busted your butt 110%, and who had a great relationship with the people and/or customers you served. You happen to work with a "dirty" co-worker, known for being corrupt, known for being lazy, known for their many sick calls, known for being racist, and known for their many complaints from the people and/or customers served. Would you come to that "dirty" co-worker's defense simply because a writer did a story that lashed out at that same "dirty" employee who has done nothing more than tarnished the image of you and the rest of the "hard-working" employees that exist at your workplace?

You'd be a liar if you said you would.

So why would a "great cop" defend a "dirty cop" known for tarnishing the image of the LAPD? It's like a "great teacher" coming to the defense of a fellow teacher who not only was busted on camera video sexually-molesting his pre-teen students but who also had sexually-explicit photos of these same students on his computor.

You get my point?

Should anyone respond to this story in anger, please have the guts to also shares your thoughts on the use of the N-word in the LAPD, the shooting of two innocent latinas, the use of graphic photos for bragging rights, and the millions of tax dollars wasted, thanks in part to dirty and arrogant cops in the department.

Love your city! Fear those who serve it!

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