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Our "Summer" Travels To South America, Part 20

Our intrepid traveler's three-month journey on a cruise ship: Traveling to Quito, Ecuador

By Armando F. Sanchez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: April 7, 2013

Our "Summer" Travels To South America, Part 20

It's now late March. Summer is about to end and the rainy season is about to begin. It's now cloudy in the mornings but begins to rain in the afternoon. Quito has a high altitude because it is within the Andes mountains so it has a mild weather despite being on the equator. There is plenty of water since the rains here are part of the overall tributaries that flow into the Amazon. The Andes Mountains block the rain clouds and rain flows to the eastern coastline and into Brazil. The rainy season lasts for months along the Andes so the waters into Brazil are tremendous.

Quito is the capital and holds 2.5 million in the city. It within a valley in the Andes. The center of the city is very historic. The nation's capital building is in the main square and people just line up to go in and visit.

The city is clearly a treasure place to photographers. The classical and new are mixed together. The weather was mild and it was easy to walk through the center of the city on a Sunday. The churches are well preserved. Downtown has a festive atmosphere and you can see indigenous and populace living side by side. Since the nation's economy is completely in US dollars its easy to shop.

It's a city with many historical buildings but since we had to fly to the port of Manta to return to the ship right after midday we did not have a chance to appreciate it more. It clear to see why persons travel here and stay for a period of time.

We flew the plane for an hour. Most of us got off but those remaining were on their way to the Galapagos. That was a two hour flight from Manta.

Our next stop is Nicaragua.

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