Editorial Ink: 100% Digital Publishing Company

The Mexican market pioneer presents previously unpublished books on Diego Rivera and Jos?® Alfredo Jim?®nez at L?®aLA, May 17-19

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Published on LatinoLA: May 16, 2013

Editorial Ink: 100% Digital Publishing Company

L?®aLA, the largest Spanish Book Fair in the United States, will welcome for the first time a publishing company entirely devoted to digital and interactive books. Editorial Ink, launched in November of last year has published 80 titles from some of the most prominent Latino writers in the literary field.

"It is a big gamble. Editorial Ink will be the only publishing company without physical books at the fair," said Diego Echeverria, General Director of Editorial Ink. "We believe that it is possible to maintain the essence of the printed book, while incorporating the latest technology. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive concept that ensures the strictest care from the editorial process to the reading experience. Each one of our titles has unique features that link the book to the reader. All of them include unpublished audio, videos or animations that enhance the overall experience and will delight even the most demanding reader."

The launching of Editorial Ink in the U.S. market will go hand-in-hand with three major releases:

Jos?® Guadalupe Posada seen by Diego Rivera: As part of the 100th anniversary of the death of Posada, Editorial Ink, presents a new text where Diego Rivera describes the brilliance of Posada, and the influence he had on him as an artist. Additionally, the book features a foreword written by Guadalupe Rivera Marin, daughter of the famed muralist, as well as a historical analysis of the Rivera-Posada relationship by Mtro. Daniel Vargas.

Casa-Museo Jos?® Alfredo Jim?®nez: For the first time, Paloma Jim?®nez, daughter of Jos?® Alfredo Jim?®nez, explores the personal life of her father and shares photographs, anecdotes and unpublished documents.

Caperucita Roja (Little Red Riding Hood) interactive app for kids: This title is an adaptation of the popular children's story of Francisco Hinojosa, illustrated by Enrique Mart?¡nez and narrated by Mario Iv?ín Mart?¡nez. The little ones can accompany Red Riding Hood while playing with the interactive scenery and characters. This is one book that comes to life!

Additionally, Editorial Ink will present at L?®aLA its collection of children's books featuring a wide range of Works whichinclude the launch of the application in spanish of Caperucita Roja's (Little Red Riding Hood), adapted by writer Francisco Hinojosa.
Paloma Jim?®nez, Francisco Hinojosa and Guadalupe Rivera, will attend L?®aLA for the launch of the books. Also, Mar?¡a Rosas, author of Editorial Ink's most successful collection to date, will present her works of personal development which include titles like: "Disciplina y l?¡mites", "El arte de hacerlos comer" and the most recent, [i]"La responsabilidad de la paternidad, una conversaci??n con los adolescentes".[/b]

"We are excited digital readers worldwide will get to experience these books. A text such as Diego Rivera's, that invites us to experience through his words, the work of the great engraver Jos?® Guadalupe Posada and his profound effect on him is truly moving. In addition, Paloma Jim?®nez takes the reader on a unique tour of her father's life, one of the most iconic songwriters of Mexico. Being able to edit the texts in a digital version, allows us to give these extraordinary works the publicity they deserve." said, Echeverr?¡a.

Editorial Ink has international strategic partners and its books can be bought online at www.editorial-ink.com and through major online stores such as Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble, where consumers can purchase them in versions suited to various portable devices.

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