Nat Geo Mundo Debuts New Show, A Un Click

In this digital age, everything is just a click away...

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: June 6, 2013

Nat Geo Mundo Debuts New Show, A Un Click

Throughout four episodes, A Un Click will feature amazing stories of personal connections in Latin America and the US, where digital communication played a key role: passionate love affairs, infidelity, web-born celebrities, families being reunited and police cases solved. The series portrays how technology is a basic component in relationships today and how the most incredible things are just a click away through a computer, tablet and smartphone.

Premiering on June 8th at 10am, A Un Click airs on Saturdays as it goes in depth into stories and scenarios we hear about every day as it pertains to social networks and the internet.

More info here http://www.natgeomundo.com/shows/a-un-click

Amor Cebern?®tico - June 8th
This episodes shares people's stories of love and the search for loved ones across the U.S. and Latin America. In Mexico, the story of of a mother whose son was taken by his father is shared. The mother searched for her boy for 10 years but it wasn't until she turned to the internet and social networks that she was able to locate him. The stories continue of falling in love online, the telling of personal love stories (and those gone wrong) on Twitter, a kidnapping solved and many more. This episode also takes viewers to the Google offices in California to take a closer looks at the innovations the company is making and how they are growing their social network, Google+.

Reencuentro en las Redes - June 15th
The stories in this episode center around families and loved ones being re-united through the use of the internet as well as how it changes the lives of people. A New York man who was adopted, is reunited with his biological siblings after almost 40 years. There's also the life changing stories of a group of father's in Mexico. They lost their sons in a tragic accident and formed a group to change a law in their country to prevent the tragedy from happening to others. Through the use of Twitter and Facebook, they gained a following and began a movement which in turned helped them reach their goal. Stories like these continue throughout the episode and include a trip inside Facebook's headquarters with a discussion centered around the present state of and future for the world's largest social networks.

Cyber Justicia - June 22nd
This episode centers around the use of the internet for justice. The story of Nicole Culverhouse from San Francisco is told. When she was a child, she was abducted from her mother and then later adopted. Through the use of the internet, she was able to find her mother and seek justice for herself. There's also the story of Argentinian woman Zulma who suffered domestic violence. She finally made a YouTube video denouncing what was happening to her and her boyfriend was arrested just days later. The stories of people standing up for themselves and using the Internet to get justice continue on with the creation of the movement #yosoy132 a group created by university students whose objective is that all have access to justice and democracy. The episode continues with the exploration of what happens when a famous person wakes up one day to find that according to Twitter posts, they are dead. As in all the episodes, viewers are taking to another amazing company, this time, to Sony.

Esperanza On Line - June 29th
This final episode sheds a light on the hope many get from the Internet from stories of a family using the internet to learn about their daughter's disease to a couple marrying online, the only way they could because of the many miles apart they live. The issue of cyber bullying also comes up in the episode with the story of a young girl who tried committing suicide. She was found in time and her mom now uses the internet to educate others about the dangers of cyber bullying, how to identify if it is happening and gives others hope on their future. The FBI also works on a cyber-crime case to keep women safe from being extorted when they photos are stolen online. Over in Latin America, the Colombian government works on an investigation to capture a group of women who seduce, hurt and rob men.

Join Nat Geo Mundo Saturday's in June and learn more about what is just a click away on A Un Click.

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