Eastside Performers: One Love, One Family

The Chicano music and comedy community comes together to support one of our own, Aaron Ballesteros

By Rudy Moreno, Comedian/Actor /Producer
Published on LatinoLA: June 25, 2013

Eastside Performers: One Love, One Family

I am so impressed and grateful to be part of a community that comes together in time of need to help one another!

It reminds me of the old days when neighbors would watch each other's kids or borrow their car or make food for the se??ora that was widowed and just be helpful to your neighbor.

This past Sunday at Taste of Texas in Covina, a community of musicians, comedians, radio personalities, community leaders, friends, familia and invited individuals gathered to support and raise funds for a fallen brother, Aaron Ballesteros.

He is currently the drummer for the band Tierra and several other bands (El Chicano, Thee Midniters, Los Lobos) who recently went through an amputation of his right leg from the knee down. As with most musicians, playing gigs and recording is the way they make a living. It's tough to play drums if one of your tools is not available, therefore putting you in a difficult financial situation.

But here comes the Cavalry! Once word got out that Aaron and his wife Clarisa were in need of some financial help as well as moral support after this operation, musicians gathered, as well as comics and other entertaining entities, and agreed to perform at a HUGE concert to raise money for the Ballesteros family.

Under the guidance of Rudy and Joanna Salas, who organized the event, several notable bands joined in: Thee Midniters, Cannibal and The Headhunters, Cold Duck, Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos, Radio Legend Rick Dees, Frankie Firme, Sugar Bear, Chico Manqueros , Angel Baby, Thee Mr Duran , and several legendary East Los musicians took the stage, along with comedy from Gilbert Esquivel and yours truly Rudy Moreno. More than six hundred people attended the concert ( there would have been more, but no more room.)

It was not only an honor to be part of this, but it was more of an honor that raza came together from all sides of town: East LA, Whittier, South LA, Downey, El Monte ... anywhere that has a raza population came out in full force, and looking good too!

Women dressed in dresses , guys in suits, some casual, some in Zoot Suits, everyone showed class. No problems, no violence, just having a good time like "grown ups." It was a beautiful sight. Sponsors like LatinoLA and ELA and all of these wonderful Latino based businesses were there to support as well .

Too bad that the media does not expose these types of functions, instead of always showing the violence or the hatred amongst some Latinos. This was what is supposed to be shown, One community getting together for one cause to help and inspire others to do this whenever it is needed. Every performer donated their time -- the sound men , the roadies -- everybody donated their time and not one was looking to get paid ,

This was for Aaron and Clarisa Ballesteros, in their own time of need, and everybody came through. it was absolutely something amazing and wonderful to see. I am so proud of all of you that participated and thanks to those that donated funds as well and could not attend, we thank you so much.

I hope this kind of community feeling catches on, and maybe next time I need an onion or a tomato I can go next door, neighborhood style.

That's how we do it! Congratulations, Everyone. You did Good! With Continued Love & Respect.

- Rudy Moreno

About Rudy Moreno, Comedian/Actor /Producer:
Rudy Moreno is a comedian / actor out of Los Angeles a veteran of Comedy Clubs, Theatre,Television and Stage
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