I Never Imagined I Would Live to See The Day!

Thoughts on the Supreme Court rulings

By Steven Acevedo
Published on LatinoLA: June 27, 2013

I Never Imagined I Would Live to See The Day!

WOW‘«™..yesterday was a day that I never imagined would happen in my lifetime!

My 83-year-old mother walked into the gallery in the morning, then walked up to my desk and said, "When am I going to the wedding?"‘«™.at first I didn't understand what she was talking about, so I asked her, "Whose wedding?", and her reply was‘«™."You and Danny‘«™.now that you can get married, I think you both should and I want you to."

Later in the day I went for a haircut‘«™.Frank, who has been cutting my hair for over 20 years, asked me the very same question! He said that he told Melissa, his wife, that he should lose some weight, because he anticipated they would be attending some LGBT weddings very soon‘«™.lol!

As a 55-year-old gay man who has been in a relationship for 34 years‘«™.the idea of marrying my best friend and life partner never really was on my radar. With few exceptions, our families have always accepted our relationship. We never felt that we were any different than our siblings, so marriage was something that only straight people did‘«™.we didn't need any paper that validated our relationship.

After yesterday's SCOTUS ruling, the thought of getting married became a reality that we are only now processing. Before closing the gallery last night, I looked at Dan and said, "Well‘«™.are you going to ask me, or am I going to ask you to marry me"‘«™.lol! To many it may seem unromantic, but for me, it was the most important moment in the 34 years I've shared with Dan : )

Coming out in the late 70's, in a Catholic high school, during the Disco and Glitter era, with all the backlash it brought me‘«™.I never imagined that I would live to see this day.

Although yesterday's ruling wasn't complete in its scope‘«™.the idea that marriage should be based on love and not solely on gender‘«™.brings us closer to a society that accepts and embraces all people.

My only regret is that so many of our friends that we lost to the early days of HIV/AIDS are not here today to share this moment. So many beautiful faces on the dance floors of‘«™.'The Other Side', 'Paradise Ballroom', 'Gino's', 'Studio One', 'Circus Disco', 'The River Club' and all those places that were our only haven from the prevailing negative attitudes of the day‘«™.towards gay people.

Hollywood, bell bottoms, double belts, Fred Slatten platform shoes, jellybean sandals, glitter, rhinestones, fake id's, thrift store shopping‘«™.long before 'vintage' was coined‘«™.40's attire, double-pleated pants, skinny ties, Hawaiian shirts‘«™an exhilarating time, when we were reinventing fashion and ourselves.

Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Thelma Houston, The Ritchie Family, Patti Brooks, Salsoul Orchestra‘«™.music that was only heard in gay nightclubs‘«™.re-shaped our generation, and pushed the boundaries of dance music.

Irreplaceable memories that comfort me and will be with me throughout my entire lifetime‘«™‘«™‘«™

I've often referred to myself as non-political‘«™.someone that supports, but doesn't march in rallies‘«™.privately applauding all those who have dared to speak out, and those who have helped to reshape society and the world.

After yesterday, I realize that 'being political' is fundamentally rooted in having the courage to be yourself. Long before LGBT and the rainbow flag was commonplace, gay people have had the courage to embrace and celebrate who we are.

Each of us comes into this world with unique qualities‘«™.there are no mistakes‘«™.we owe it to all those who have come before us, to accept ourselves and support those who dare to be different. A homogenized world of vanilla edits out flavor, color, creativity, individuality, and has no place in a healthy and evolving society.

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