Help Us Help One of Our Own Veterans!

Disabled veteran US Marine Ruben Navarro is losing his home to real estate fraud and we as a community need to help raise funds,

By Rudy Moreno, Comedian/ Actor /Producer
Published on LatinoLA: July 4, 2013

Help Us Help One of Our Own Veterans!

About 2 years ago, I ran across my neighbor Ruben Navarro, a disabled veteran of the US Marine Corp, friend and all around good guy and I asked him the typical greeting of "How's it going?" and he said, "Not well, bro ..." and continued to tell me what the problem was.

Well, this is not your everyday, "Oh, my car wont start, or my bills are piling up or I got a ticket for speeding ..." or any of that. He told me, "I am losing my house because someone tricked me! And now I'm being evicted in the next month."

As it turns out, Ruben was looking to modify his home loan, like most, to save a little money each month. He was approached by a person (Can't mention the name because of ongoing litigation) that said he could help him, but he needed $4,000 up front to "get the ball rolling." Ruben trusted him and then the man came back and said he needed another $4,000.

Then Ruben's bank called and asked him about his monthly payment and that he was late, to which Ruben replied that he was working with someone that was modifying the loan ..... the Bank had NO IDEA of what he was telling them ...

That's when Ruben realized he was taken for that amount of money. Bot only that , this man then sold Ruben's title to an investor, forcing Ruben to be evicted out of his home of 24 years. Ruben ends up selling all of his possessions to acquire enough money to retain an attorney, we did fundraisers to help, we've held rallies, had TV coverage on both English and Spanish networks resulting in the arrest of the man that lied about modifying his loan. The end result, however, was that Ruben was evicted from the premises and is now, literally homeless.

This of course is a terrible tragedy for anyon , and even more for one of our own East LA residents, former Marine and good neighbor.

Ruben and I spoke and I offered to do another fundraiser to continue his fight to regain his hom , but like anything else, hiring attorneys costs money, and so we are having another fundraiser for this brother on July 5th at Stevens Steakhouse, where myself and my fellow comics will donate our time to entertain the guests that come in to help.

We need the community's help. There but for the Grace of God go I or all of us. This could happen to any one of us. Ruben is now working with Senators, The Veterans Administration, and other organizations to become an advocate against real estate fraud so that it doesn't happen to others .

The guy is homeless and disabled and STILL looking out for other , so that it doesn't happen again .

This is a man with a heart of Gold! He served his time in the military and has fought for us, and we should return the favor and fight for hi !

We would appreciate your presence or donation to help Ruben with paying his attorney fees as well as looking for temporary housing as we battle the biggest fight of his life .

I personally ask my community to come together as we have so many times in the past, and come enjoy some food , laughs and help a brother out

Respectfully ,

Rudy Moreno

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About Rudy Moreno, Comedian/ Actor /Producer:
Rudy Moreno Actor / Comedian / Producer From East Los Angeles Rudy earns monies for toy drives for inner city kids during the holidays and performing several fundraisers throught the year to help different causes .
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