The Loss Of Liberty: At What Cost

Oppression comes in many forms brother; this guy in the video was oppressed.

By Edward Avila
Published on LatinoLA: July 9, 2013

The Loss Of Liberty: At What Cost

Hey brother, this is an an example of what we need now: "Video: Police Search Innocent Man's Car Without Realizing They Are Being Filmed!"

Shock Mansion is the web site and the protester states he is 21.

I am a Chicano in my forties and allow me to express a little bit of my history. It is stated that an education is free in the US, it is not. Learning how do defend ones-self comes from the experience of having to contend with fear from others who live in your neighborhood and who have very little thus are compelled to take from those who appear to be weaker and living in fear from the government who will, is willing and aggressively treat you as less than a U.S. Citizen.

Allow me to break it down to a micro perspective, the people who have a lot to lose from the erosion of our civil liberties are those who are doing something wrong, correct? No, the loss of civil liberties is attributed to the notion of a population who wishes to control others. Minorities are more likely to suffer from "evidence" planted or assumed as being of an illegal nature. Once accused regardless of the evidence the person is guilty until proven innocent.

Oppression comes in many forms brother; this guy in the video was oppressed. Minorities have a higher incarceration rate than that of any other population. The younger population are targeted. Yet, statistics show that the population is focused on crimes committed predominantly in minority impacted neighborhoods.

Since we are citizens of the United States and are not criminalized as people who are here without documentation, we have little to nothing to worry about but the loss of time, no. This video was a prime example of oppression on a micro perspective.

Military opts for a population who faces oppression from their own government dictates appropriate response. The U.S. government has become more of a militarized state where by the population who once occupied the military became law enforcement. Law enforcement realizes that it cannot defeat the U.S. Citizen in an open battle. The U.S. Government does so through manipulation on planed targeted populations. Whenever there is a civil movement the presence of a military state increase. The U.S. Gov. has taken to using surveillance and counter surveillance as a prescribed effect on the population.

We have long suspected and it has recently been confirmed that the Government records and collects, watches our post on the public media such as Face Book. Erosion of our First Amendment has been so severe that most of us just ignore it to the point of dismissal. This has not stopped the population from protecting itself. When a person goes through a check point then he phones his family members not to let them evade the law but to allow them to evade oppression. Social circles dictates that people who have suffered from this kind of oppression communicate about such and develop code words and key terms and phrases used to post on Face Book, Twitter and other social media to inform the rest of the population of current events within a community. It is sad, the erosion of the US Constitution has fallen beneath the worth of the document. To the point where by the population feels it has to use counter surveillance to protect itself from its own democratic elected representation, at what cost are we paying to be safe.

Either the gentleman in the video who was 21 set this up to expose the lengths for which the erosion of the oppression that we see here in The Unites States or he was not connected with in the community for which the check point was set up. It appears to me he set them up, Civil Disobedience at its best.

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