NOW!! Is The Time To Educate Our Kids About Global Business

Becoming a business owner series, Part 2

By Armando F Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: July 19, 2013

NOW!! Is The Time To Educate Our Kids About Global Business

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I want to reemphasize that we must immediately and without any delays help our youth become 21st Century entrepreneurs. Why? you may ask am I so emphatic about this.

The Internet is relatively new and yet it now reaches persons throughout the world. Our youth must be taught how to benefit, economically, from their fast growing knowledge and experience of using digital and social media.

Let me highlight my point.

Approximately 8 years ago our daughter Bianca, who was then a sophomore in high school, asked me to take her to the post office to drop off a stack of envelopes. Of course I inquired what she was doing. Apparently she had asked her older brother if she could have his old school texts and literature books. He complied and she then posted and sold them over the Internet. She apparently made a few dollars on the deal. Since she had not yet collected the money from her sales I offered to pay for the postage and she would reimbursed me latter. Eight years have gone by and I am still waiting for my reimbursement! Ah, the relationship of fathers and their daughters is very special.

I recently followed a story about a young lady of 16 year old from Hong Kong who had set up her own digital store and was selling cosmetic items. Her investment was a good camera, some lighting fixtures and time to post the products on the Internet. The story ran on how successful she was selling worldwide.

My good friend Curt Hahn and I buy quite a few new and used items over the Internet. Quite honestly, we don't know if we are buying the items from a 60 or a 15-year old. We buy items from persons around the world.

Do they have a regular mortar-and-brick building store? We do not know, and it is not important for us. For all we know as buyers is that we purchase the items at a very competitive price. They sell at lower prices probably because they don't have the usual business overhead.

Our kids know how to use the Internet with its social media and posting pictures and video. Now, lets educate and direct them to learn how to make an income from it.

Lets show them how to use their birthday gift money and invest it in a product to sell over the Internet. The youth can use their own phones to highlight, promote and sell their products on-line.

Patricia Moreno, in Mexico D.F., shares that, "Now-a-days, people like to buy via by internet. It is a good idea to encourage our kids to develop new ventures in this way."

Some of the readers of this article may be thinking about the many negative consequences of having youth using the Internet to create a business. Well, let me respond to the issue this way. Consider the following; they are already using the Internet, they are already highlighting their friends and themselves (pictures and video posts) and sharing it globally thus if they are going to continue using the Internet for foolishness and playing electronic video games. Why not redirect their concentration, time, attention and skills to start and maintain a viable global digital business.

Andrea Lara writes and asks, "so what's the best way to encourage our children?". Well, here is one example.

Recently, the son of my friend Daniel Gutierrez informed him that he wants to go on a school field trip to visit Washington DC and New York. He has permission to go but under the condition that he has to raise the money for the trip. Thus, the working idea is for his son to create a social program and use Kickstarter (an Internet program) to raise the money. Daniel's son is 12 years old.

There are great opportunities for parents and their children to work together and create an on-line global business. Parents would also greatly benefit learning from their kids and applying the same concepts to their own business goals. The multitude of financial literacy skills the kids will learn from developing a formal business will also complement them to develop social and communication skills that will benefit them.

"There is a great number of examples of ow our youth is currently using the Internet for their financial advantage". Sergio C. Garcia also shares, "However, the best way to realize that what I am sharing is true is by trying it yourself. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy quality time with your children while you both benefit from each other's knowledge and experiences."

Begin NOW! The future is here! We must help our future generations to benefit from participating in these new economic opportunities as entrepreneurs.

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