Carlos Aleman's Magic Realist Romantic Drama

"Happy That It's Not True" tells the parallel stories of a Cuban American family and a group of Cuban castaways

Published on LatinoLA: July 24, 2013

Carlos Aleman's Magic Realist Romantic Drama

Author Carlos Alem?ín and Aignos Publishing are pleased to announce the release of their new book ÔÇô Happy That It's Not True ÔÇô a magic realist romantic drama that tells the parallel stories of a Cuban American family torn apart by war and that of a group of Cuban castaways sailing toward Florida.

After a devastating revelation that shatters his world, a man sets sail on a raft with several other men in search of a happier life. Out at sea, he tells a story as a way to work through his personal heartbreak. In transforming his experience into art, he constructs a tale which gives voice to the unloved, the lonely, the rejected, and those struggling to maintain their sanity. When the journey turns perilous, the storyteller becomes a guide, helping the men make sense of a life that may soon end.


From the author:
"I wanted to write about love and inspiration and the things that matter most, especially how our lives affect others. We've all known or wished for someone to come into our lives who are like the main character in the book, Tio Diego, and change our perceptions of the world, and how we feel about ourselves. I hope that readers will take away some sense that there are many special people we have yet to meet who, like Diego, will prove that the most significant moments are those marked by irrational things like love, spirituality, creativity, humor and the gift and beauty of dreams. "

Carlos Alem?ín is a Cuban American, born in New York City. He is a painter whose "Asian Phi-losophy" exhibit was showcased at the Sunrise Civic Center in November 2012. He lives in South Florida with his wife, Jean. His web site is: carlosaleman.com

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