Shameless in San Diego

Mayor Filner should resign instead of continuing to look for excuses

By La Opini??n Editorial Staff
Published on LatinoLA: August 2, 2013

Shameless in San Diego

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In the face of sexual harassment accusations made by seven women, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner should have resigned. Instead, he clings to power with demands and excuses that justify even more his need to withdraw from the position.

The first complaint against Filner for sexual harassment unleashed a wave of accusations from women who say the politician groped, hugged and kissed them during various stages of his career as congressman since 1993, up to his current position as mayor.

Filner has issued a general apology and plans to go into therapy for two weeks. At the same time, through his attorney, he is asking the city to pay legal expenses to defend his private actions, saying that nothing has been proven and shifting responsibility for his actions to the city, because Filner never received sexual harassment training in the workplace, as the law requires.

It is tough to be more shameless than Filner. There are some who have compared this situation with the indiscretions of former Rep. Anthony Weiner. The big difference is that the alleged attitude of the California politician is unlawful, while what the New York lawmaker did is irresponsible toward his family and his future political ambitions.

Believing that staying in a clinic will resolve Filner's behavior at age 70--and mitigate legal and political actions against him--is as absurd as thinking that the city is to blame for the alleged sexual harassment committed by the mayor, because it did not provide him training.

Filner has become a disgrace for San Diego, both because of his behavior and his insistence on remaining in his position when no one wants him there.

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