Pablo Hurtado de Camila Records With Indie Band Vinyl Soul

Do dreams still come true in Hollywood?

By John Patrick
Published on LatinoLA: August 15, 2013

Pablo Hurtado de Camila Records With Indie Band Vinyl Soul

Can dreams still come true in Hollywood?

We would like to take a moment to offer hope and encouragement to struggling artists and enforce the notion that there is still a way to your dreams. An artist's life is full of ups and downs. The up's empower and the down's can devour our will to continue. We do what we can to get through these times having faith that a breakthrough is just around the corner.

We are Vinyl Soul, Neo-latin/soul band based in Hollywood. We've been together for 9 years.

In 2005 we started playing in the streets of Hollywood and worked our way through LA's indie scene playing the usual "Whiskey, Viper Room, Roxy" etc. In 2008 we moved to Japan to live and tour for 6 months, playing in the streets and live-houses. We managed to pick up publications in Metropolis Magazine and debut on a TV show called Tokyo Breakthrough.

From this article we were booked the following year for a month-long tour with American Navy base in Japan and opened for Smashmouth at the Cherry Blossom festival in Atsugi. Upon returning to the states we won a nationally televised battle of the bands competition "Vive tu Musica" sponsored by Wrigleys gum 5, and managed to pick up a nomination for best breakout band from LA for MTVtr3's VMA's.?á

Since then, we've been booked as openers for some amazing Latin Grammy winners, including Camila, Natalia Jimenez, Daddy Yankee, etc. We've had placement in indie films for Sundance and Cannes Film Festival as well as Magazine features and write ups.

Nine years summed up in one little paragraph can seem like an easy journey. What most people don't see is all the moments between these highlights of successes. The countless dead-end emails, shady promoters, and cunning industry wolves, or personal losses, be it family, or work and the list goes on. What sets apart those that succeed is the resilience that one builds through these experiences.

The ability to bounce back after rejection is a vital asset to anyone's career.

Ultimately the lows make the highs so much sweeter. And when new opportunities come along our dreams are fueled to continue.

Our most recent opportunity to record a single with Latin Grammy winner Pablo Hurtado, from the sensational band Camila, has been a humble encouragement to our own career and personal growth. Many times opportunities come out of left field and leave us wondering how, why, and what will become. In our case we shortly wondered how an indie band such as ourselves could have the opportunity to record with Grammy-winning status.

But when opportunity comes knocking you answer and invite in a whole new future of ideas. It's these ideas, these sources of inspiration that we live for. To be able to create from the heart for others to enjoy and be inspired by. Never question your abilities because of your status or position. We are who we are because of what we come from. We must remember our past and where we come from, enjoy our current position but always move forward.

We hope that you will be inspired by our story so that you will continue your own. There IS a way to your dreams. The path is hardly ever clear, but like the saying goes "where there is a will, there is a way". From the start, we had not a single clue where to go but we knew what we wanted and we knew what we were capable of and just started marching forward. We wish the same for others who are passionate about their craft. Keep moving forward, Angelinos, Latinos, Artistas, creative souls and believe that anything is possible.

Vinyl Soul

Our latest single is called "A Piece of Me." The song is a collaboration featuring Pablo Hurtado, co-founder and guitarist of the Grammy-winning, multi- platinum act, Camila. The song was mixed and produced by Nambo who also plays guitar for Vinyl Soul and mastered by Bob Lanzner ( Michael Jackson, BB King, Santa Ana, RCA, Snoop Dog, Macy Gray )

Pablo Hurtado's contribution makes the song worthy of being called a duet with catchy guitar riffs playing along with, and weaving in and out of the vocals tastefully and nostalgically.

We are very grateful and humbled by such a great opportunity.

We're offering a FREE download of the song at http://soundcloud.com/vinylsoulmusic from Friday, August 16 to Sunday August 18.

For more information about Vinyl Soul you can visit our homepage http://vinylsoulmusic.com/ or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/vinylsoul for the latest.

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