Corazon Partido

To spite you

By Maria Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: September 4, 2003

Corazon Partido

Been so down and out lately
with a broken heart un corazon partido
I ask myself ?por que? why?
I thought that my days of corazon partido
were over once i got married
broken heart once when my madre died
and now because someone close to me broke my heart
I ask myself why? ?por que?
with no concrete answer the only thing that came
out was for spite! Spite I ask myself?
spite add the "r" and it's sprite!
but for spite I got my heart broken in two
walking down the aisle and making each other happy
standing side by side u for me and me for u
but all was done for spite! I ask myself did I deserve it?
I'm a good person, loyal and honest but I guess that wasn't
enough it was all done for spite!
corazon partido, broken heart!
don't know how much I can take
things have changed but yet I find myself standing in
the same place. by ur side, u for me and me for u
now I ask myself what should I do? What will I do?
and when it's all been said, and done
what will my answer be?
I did it for Sprite!
u know who this is for and I hope u know
how much u broke my heart, my trust the loyalty
standing side by side u for me and me for u
but as my mom said, if u believe that things will change
don't walk away, u won't be judged, and no one
will ask questions? but don't do anything for spite!
all my love to "spite"
corazon partido
broken heart

About Maria Soto-Arzola:
maria soto-arzola - marzola32@hotmail.com

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