Educating Latino Youth to Be Socially Conscience Millionaires

Our youth should be learning, and sharing, the best ideas we have in this country about economic and job development

By Armando F Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: September 16, 2013

Educating Latino Youth to Be Socially Conscience Millionaires

I was recently asked by an audience member at the end of my speech what I thought about the idea of educating our youth to ensure that they could all go to college. My response is that I did not support that idea.

My recommendation is that we educate and prepare our youth, throughout the K-12 education system, to become socially conscience millionaires.

According to statistics, parents are spending about $200,000 per child to raise them. The taxpayers investment into the K-12 educational system is another $125,000 per student. A 4-year college degree can add on another $150,000. Thus, we should invest a total of $325,000 just to make sure they can attend college? I don't agree.

This is America, and capitalistic mentality is in every fiber of our country. Thus, we educate our youth to be prepared to be innovative, business developers, entrepreneurs and financially self-sufficient. They should also provide a high financial return for the amount invested in them for getting their education. Our youth should be learning the best ideas we have in this country about economic and job development and take that information worldwide.

I was then asked what I thought about students learning to become millionaires who wanted instead to become low paid jobs like civil servants (teachers, police persons, fire persons, government employees, etc.)?

My response is that each individual has the right to choose to work for minimum wage if they wish. But after knowing how to become millionaires, they now have a true choice to select the income level or jobs they will be comfortable at.

Unfortunately, the current educational system that keeps this financial success information hidden from the students does not work and does not provide options. Each of us are paying taxes and their schooling and they deserve to know how to achieve financial success and true long term economic self-sufficiency.

Thus, we educate all our future generations to be financially successful-millionaires REGARDLESS whether they decide to attend college or not.

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