Pilates Changed My Life

I put my body into a total Pilates training regimen: I am stronger, leaner and have more stamina and endurance now than ever

By Rocio Ponce
Published on LatinoLA: September 23, 2013

Pilates Changed My Life

As a testimonial of my experience, Pilates has changed my own life, and transformed my body from the inside out!

The Pilates method seeks to develop strength without the bulkiness, flexibility and controlled movement from a strong core using a range of apparatus to guide and train the body. Some benefits of Pilates are improved posture, increased strength and flexibility, weight loss & tone, enhanced athletic performance, injury prevention & rehabilitation, and stronger abdominal muscles, and stronger abdominal muscles.

I am a Flamenco dancer and was a performing cast-member of Cirque Du Soleil (and also a Pilates trainer). After years of putting my body through the most difficult and super-natural physical activities, my body finally said, "Your spine is injured, you have scar tissue all over your body from years of performing, and you have bursitis on your shoulder." After I realized that I needed to strengthen and lengthen from the inside out, I put my body into a total Pilates training regimen, and I am glad to say, that I am stronger, leaner and have more stamina and endurance now than ever before.

Again, from experience, Pilates will transform your body from the inside out by strengthening your abdominals, back & buttocks while improving posture. Visibly, your arms & legs will become lean & toned. Your mobility & range-of-motion will improve through the lengthening phase while decreasing chronic pain & other debilitating physical ailments. Your energy will sky-rocket & others around you will notice the positive change in your appearance.

If you have any questions about Pilates and how it can condition your body, let me know! I look forward to talking to you soon, and remember, as my father always told me, "the end result depends on your journey.

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