The Wisdom of a 6-year Old

Teaching youth to become millionaires, Part 2

By Armando F Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: September 30, 2013

The Wisdom of a 6-year Old

Twenty-five years ago I witnessed a very brief discussion between a senior citizen and a boy of 6-years of age that changed many of my personal perspectives and set me on a path to begin showing adults, and eventually youth, on how to become millionaires.

I was in line at a credit union waiting for a teller to become available. An older man also waiting behind me began talking to the boy standing next to his father. The man began the conversation and asked, "Well young man, what do you want to be when you grow up?" He added, "You could be a fireman, police officer, or even work here."

Other people also waiting in line were taking note of the friendly casual conversation and seem curious to hear the boy's response. The child turn toward him, looked directly at the man and gently said, "I am going to be a millionaire."

There was a moment of silence amongst the adults standing around him. Some of the people began looking at each other and seemed somewhat surprised by his response. Next thing I knew it seemed that those standing in the line began talking to each other about what the boy had said.

The man who started the conversation looked a bit surprised. He thought for a moment and then simply turn to me and said, "What a fabulous profession! Why didn't I ever think of that!" The man stood quietly once more for a few seconds to think and then turned to the boy and said, "I spent many years working as a college professor and until now do I come to realize that I wished I had picked your profession, young man." Comments were being made back and forth and it started to get noisy.

Others standing around us who had overheard the conversation were now openly discussing with each other of how they had also wish they had been told as children that becoming a millionaire was one of their career options. A woman also waiting in line said out loud, "Well, my husband and I will talk definitely talk about this idea tonight and we are going to make sure that we begin teaching our two children to think about this wonderful career!" Most of the persons in line laughed together.

Finally a teller was available and I approached the service window. The teller asked me what everyone in line was talking about. I shared with her about the man's question and the boy's answer. The teller shared with the other tellers as to why everyone in line was suddenly talking and they all seem to also laugh together. Other bank employees in their offices were now peeking out to see what all the noise and loud talking was about. Once they were also informed they also started talking amongst themselves. It became very clear that the boy's unique career goal had stimulated others to talk and share about this unique career choice.

The boy did not seem to take much notice at all the attention he was getting. He did not seem to notice the people looking and pointing at him from afar. Several people actually walked up and approached him as he was leaving the building. They told him to make sure that he made sure his career goal came true. The boy just smiled and thanked them.

Approximately a week later, after this event had occurred, one of my peers started sharing that his wife had been in line at the same credit union and had overheard this conversation between a boy and a man. It turned out to be the same conversation I had witnessed. Apparently his wife shared the details of the conversation with him and she wanted to make sure that they, as parents, immediately started to teach their children (6 and 8 years of age) to also think of becoming millionaires.

My peer shared in our conversation how frustrated he was regarding his wife's request. He shared with me, "How do I teach my kids something I don't know how to do myself?" He continued, "Funny thing, I have several college degrees but yet, I have no idea how to become a millionaire." He then asked me if I knew the method since I had studied economics and was also an entrepreneur.

His wife and he, plus two other professionals, became my first clients. I mentored and taught them how to help their children to prepare to be financially successful. I am happy to share that they did succeed in educating their children. Three of their children (out of five) are now on the road to financial success.

Now as I am getting closer to retiring as a private consultant, I decided to begin sharing my information in a series for the public. We can, and must, teach our children to have a millionaire and entrepreneur mindset. In the 21st century, we are seeing less job opportunities. More jobs are being exported to other countries. Jobs in our own communities are being shifted over to computers. Full-time positions are now offered as part-time. These challenging trends for future employees will continue.

Let's teach and focus on our youth to focus on creating, building and running their own businesses and thus end this outdated idea of preparing them to study and eventually "get a good job". We cannot continue to prepare them for jobs that will eventually disappear.

About Armando F Sanchez:
Armando F Sanchez is CEO of Armando F Sanchez Production, a global New Media productions network.
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