The Once Upon A Time In Mexico Contest

All tickets have been won; congrats to the winners

Published on LatinoLA: September 5, 2003

The Once Upon A Time In Mexico Contest

The saga of the mythic guitar-slinging hero, El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas), continues in Robert Rodriguez?s bold, non-stop action epic. It screens in theatres near you beginning September 12, 2003.

The new adventure is set against a backdrop of revolution and greed. Haunted and scarred by loss, El Mariachi (Banderas) has retreated into a life of isolation. He is forced out of hiding by Sands (Johnny Depp), a corrupt CIA agent, who recruits the reclusive hero to sabotage a plot by the evil cartel kingpin Barillo (Willem Dafoe), who is planning to assassinate the president of Mexico. El Mariachi has his own reasons for returning ? retribution and revenge.

Now, together with his capable cohorts Lorenzo (Enrique Iglesias) and Fideo (Marco Leonardi) the legend of El Mariachi attains new levels of excitement.

Hundreds of LatinoLA readers tested their knowledge of the El Mariachi, but only 15 won two tickets to a special screening of Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

They answered the following questions correctly:

1) What was the first movie in the El Mariachi trilogy?

El Mariachi

2) Who produced and directed all three movies?

Robert Rodriguez

3) Who starred as El Mariachi in the first movie?

Carlos Gallardo

4) Who stars as El Mariachi in the second and third movie?

Antonio Banderas

5) Why do you want to go this special screening?

Arielle Robello writes:
"Because I loved the first movie for being in Spanish, for being raw, for being the desert scarface of modern-colonial Mexico. Because I thought the second (Desperado) was yummier for obvious reasons of course and the third, well it stars the three most under appreciated actors in the industry. Where's Salma's Oscar for Frida, Depp for just about anything he does, and Bandaras as Che in Evita (or any of his Almodovar films)? Was anyone paying attention. I know I was."

Noelia Santiago writes:
"I recently watched the original and enjoyed the writing, comical aspects and after having seen the sequel. Enjoyed the action immensely. Nice to see a predominantly all Latino cast on the big screen."

J. Aguilar writes:
"I am a huge fan of the first movie, having bought and given away copies of this movie to several friends. I am curious to see the 3rd movie to see how they have developed the original characters and those introduced in the 2nd film."

Isaias Cantu Jr writes:
"Brother, if anything to see the end of a cinematic statement ? A good movie must be made at any cost! Roberto has been a visionary in cinematic exploration since El Mariachi. His visual and action oriented telling of a tale are that much more made notable by the 'dialogue' minimalistic approach to the character of el Mariachi. I have to see this movie ? pero ya! "
Rico Gallardo writes:
"Because it's bad ass trilogy!!"

Randy Suarez writes:
"Looking forward to the move and want to see early so I can share with friends and co workers."

Ed Maga?a writes:
"As a Latino, I support all Latinos who strive for and reach excellence."

Sharon Laredo writes:
"I am an avid fan of Robert Rodriquez's work. I also believe it is important to support the works of fellow Latinos."

Marie Holguin writes:
"I enjoyed seeing Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek act in Desperado and would love to see them again in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Plus the fact that I so much love to see Antonio Banderas in anything he comes out in. And my husband is always saying how Sslma Hayek is a beautiful woman and a great actress. (I think he is in love with her). He's always saying 'Be still my heart' when he does get to see her perform."

Luis Cortes writes:
"I want to go to the special screening because I have been such a Robert Rodriguez fan ever since I saw El Mariachi for the first time, plus as a Latino actor/comedian it really gives me hope and a little push now and then to know that Latino actors/directors/producers can really make it in this business and not just make movies about stereotypes, so seeing these movies just makes me feel like its a giant step in the right direction."

Guadalupe Aguilar writes:
"I really enjoy watching Rodriguez's films. I love that I can tell my kids that the Spy kids movies they love are made by a Latino. And tell them that they too can one day be movie directors or anything
else. I love that he gives us a voice in Hollywood, where Hollywood has not always been welcoming. And frankly his movies, especially the 'El Mariachi trilogy 'son chingonas.'"

Mayra Perez writes:

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