Understand and Avoid the "Hardy Har Hars"

Teaching Latino youth to become socially conscious millionaires, part 3

By Armando F Sanchez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: October 7, 2013

Understand and Avoid the "Hardy Har Hars"

Let's begin, as soon and as early as possible, to insure that our youth have a new level of thinking that will help them constantly raise their skills toward financial success. A new and stronger point of view will thus open for them the doors to greater financial options and possibilities of greater growth in their future.

We can begin by teaching them to understand and protect themselves from the many "doom, gloom and naysayers" that they will run into throughout their lives. They need to develop an understanding of how they must live with them but not be influenced nor limited by them. These pessimists try very hard to motivate others to follow in their footsteps and to do as little as possible.

The more our youth understands their limiting point of view and about their preachings of hopelessness, our youth will have time to create a series of strategies to limit and stop them from diverting them from the goal to become millionaires.

I became aware of these common and distracting persons that go around sharing their "nothing will work, so why even try" view of life. I realize it, thanks to the cartoons I watched when I was 8 and 9, that these negative-thinking persons actually existed. I clearly learned this vital lesson about narrow-minded personalities from watching the cartoon series which I greatly enjoy watching. It was called "Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har". Lippy was constantly trying to figure out how to escape from the zoo. Hardy Har Har, a hyena, who was his side-kick, constantly shared as to why Lippy's plans for escape would never work. Lippy persisted in spite of Hardy's complete lack of confidence.

Another cartoon series, which I also viewed, had a similar theme. It was "Yogi Bear and Boo Boo". This series was also produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions. Yogi, and the Park Ranger, were constantly at odds and on the lookout for each other. Yogi, who was "smarter than the average bear", would ultimately win out and steal the picnic baskets from unsuspecting Jellystone park visitors. Boo Boo, the small cute and park rule following bear, would constantly remind Yogi that if he continued "stealing" that he would be caught and sent to the zoo. If Yogi was successful to snatch a picnic basket, Boo Boo would nevertheless sit with him and share the spoils. What are friends for?

Both of these cartoons can be viewed on YouTube:

Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har

Yogi the Bear

Having watched and learn lessons from these cartoons, I became very aware of just how many of my peers and adults around me actually held the Hardy Har Har views. They consistently talked about how things were difficult, hopeless and kept emphasizing that there was no possibility of having things improve.

At a young age, I ultimately decided that I could not change their point of view so I kept my distance from them. I wanted to avoid individuals who consistently had defeatist and negative views about the future.

It always amazed me how much effort these prophets of doom put into showing others the "obvious logical reasons", according to them, of how the odds were stacked against them and it was useless for us to change things. Thus they placed very little, if any, effort to look and examine at the the barriers they imagined and believed were there. Thus, they knew a great deal about how to stop from trying but did not have any formula for moving forward. The ability to move toward becoming financially successful will require an ability to ignore the "Hardy Har Hars" that will surround them and move with the self-confidence that one can achieve ones financial goals.

If you're going to read a bedtime story to your kids, read to them from the comic books of "Richie Rich", the world's richest boy. I found the stories discussed about having great wealth and how one must also be social responsible with it. I remember in one comic book of how Richie Rich was asked by his father to make recommendations of how the company should support the community. He made multiple recommendations that impacted and benefited many adults plus his own friends now had a brand new baseball field to play in. In the comic series, the people who benefited never found out that his father's company had donated the funds. There are many things that happen in comic stories that are true in life as well. I remember received many scholarships to attend college and they were actually donations from major corporations.

In order for your kids to be successful, they must be able to fend off others who prescribe to accepting circumstances, no matter how shallow or difficult as being a permanent state of living. The strategies that Hardy Har Hars of the world utilize are powerful. They will use ridicule, bullying, and group pressure tactics to motivate others to conform to the confused notion that "to fail is to succeed".

Our kids must overcome the many limiting and handicapping views that surface from within one-self plus take practical steps to protect themselves from the limiting and downward spiral pessimism of others.

Let's encourage and motivate our children to develop their own financial success mindset and to believe in their abilities and use them to change their circumstances and move toward a much better financial future.

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