Your Old Phone Can Now Help Your School Raise Money

eleGreen.com to offer device trade-in fundraising programs for schools

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: October 10, 2013

Your Old Phone Can Now Help Your School Raise Money

We constantly hear about schools facing closure or hard times due to funding. We hear about schools using outdated textbooks and programs getting cut due to budget constraints. At the same time, most of us are facing similar hardships in this economic environment. To alleviate these concerns, eleGreen is pleased to introduce eduGreen, a program aimed at raising funds for schools and you! Our solution comes in not one, but three different options according to your needs.

As an industry leader in mobile device buyback, eleGreen is devoted to reducing ewaste. We purchase used electronics like cell phones, tablets, and computers. We focus on providing superior customer service and have the fastest turnaround for payment. To participate in eduGreen is completely free and can be modified to benefit any school or 501(c)(3) uniquely. Additionally, we would like to note that we have a very strict privacy policy to protect our client's information. To see our privacy policy please visit http://www.elegreen.com/privacy.php.

Option 1: This is a charitable option that allows family and friends of students to donate their used cellular devices to schools. Upon receiving these devices, eleGreen evaluates their value and issues payment to that school plus an additional 5%. The way this works is if a school receives 1,000 devices worth $100 each, the school would receive $100,000 plus an additional $5,000! On average, most schools have around 1,000 students, and each student household owns between 23 devices.

Pros: Higher income potential for schools; Tax write-off for parents

Cons: Parents are less likely to donate their devices

Option 2: While Option 1 is a great solution to help schools offset costs, we acknowledge that not everyone can afford to simply donate their devices in this economic environment. Option 2 allows for schools to still receive the benefit of charitable contributions without requiring parents to give away these devices without payment. With Option 2, eduGreen assigns each school or charity their own coupon
code, which can be redeemed by the parent in such a way that 5% of the value of their device goes straight to the schools as a donation from elegreen. This way parents are paid the full amount for their devices and schools get some funding as well. All shipping would be specific to the parent/student selling their device.

Pros: Parents are more likely to redeem this option to fund their new devices

Cons: The payout will be gradual and could potentially change between each payment;
Not as hands on for students

Option 3: This option allows students to take a hand-on approach in the mobile device industry by physically examining these devices and creating the quotes for customers directly. This would require people to come on campus and meet with students directly. This option allows the school to safely buy the devices for a lower price than eleGreen would buy them. For example, a device we would buy for $100 would be purchased for $80 by the school, which would allow the school to make more instead of just the 5% increase an extra $20 creating a total of $25. This would be closer to a job for the
student but could be made extracurricular as a student would be performing a service for the school. This option allows students to have a more hands-on approach with mobile device technology and get real world experience, but it is the most difficult option to set up. Additionally, the responsibility for this option may require supervision. We will make the accommodations to send a representative to the school to train and set up the process.

Pros: More profitable for schools; students would learn jobs skills and gain real world

Cons: Students in this position would have a big responsibility, and would need to be
trained; Places a student in a position to meet strangers (though they would be
supervised by an adult/teacher)

Additional information: All 3 options are considered Corporate Sponsorships where we would be donating the additional 5% to the school or charity. While eleGreen has the highest trade in values for these devices, they are subject to change depending upon current market value. We are able to provide a quote prior to any shipment for options 13. For each option, devices can be boxed up on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and sent to eleGreen by way of a prepaid shipping label provided by eleGreen. Specific insurance guidelines must be followed for insurance payments to be made in the event of a lost package or device. All three options also allow for yearround
contributions, so donations or trade-ins can be made outside of the academic year. We are willing to work with any any school or charity to provide the best solution for them. A school or charity is not limited to selecting 1 of the 3 options, but can combine them as needed. We do not require a contract for service, though we prefer exclusivity. We also reserves the right to retract services offered.

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