Parents in Charge: Keeping Our Kids Drug Free

K-9 Service that parents can turn to when they have a teenager who is showing signs that they are using drugs

By Raul Perez
Published on LatinoLA: October 25, 2013

Parents in Charge: Keeping Our Kids Drug Free

My name is Raul Perez. founder of Parents In Charge. For over 10 year we have been helping parents by keeping their home drug free.

We are a K-9 Service that parents can turn to when they have an out-of-control teenager who is showing signs that they are using drugs, We work closely with several organizations such as school and sober living homes. We provide drug searches to private homes, private industries and schools.

Our Handlers and K-9 are certified for drug detection work. We are not affiliated with law enforcement or any other government agency. All searches are confidential any small finding is turned over to the parent or guardian so they can get the help they need for their teen or child.

Parents In Charge was developed for parents who believe that their child maybe involved in drugs and need to know and take control of the situation. As parents we know our children are subject to peer pressure on a daily basis and by asking our children if they use drugs 90% of the time they will deny it. Many parents have a suspicion that their child is using drugs but cannot prove it, so with the help of a K-9 to search their child's room or belongings it can make it much easier for the parent to get answers.

There is nothing more destructive to a teen and or family than the use of drugs. The earlier the intervention the better chances are of saving a teen.

Lots parents are out of touch with the new designer drugs that are out there and have easy access to them such as bath salts and drugs coming in from the UK, these are out of control substances and kids are dying from them.

Our goal is to be able to help families keep their kids drug free and let parents know of our service and let every teenager know that parents have a resource out there to keep their home drug free, some parents may disagree with this method but we believe that this sends out a strong message to their teen that they are not having any drugs in their home.

We have been featured on :
* Kcal 9 News
* CBS 2 News
* K-frog
* Channel 4 News
* Answers 4 the families
* Frank Pastore Show

About Raul Perez:
Raul Perez has been providing K-9 searches to private industries and Schools for over fifteen years. He received his training at Universal K-9 Academy in Florida and is licensed by Drug Enforcement Administration.
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