Cruz Control

Welcome to the Hotel California

By Al Carlos Hernandez
Published on LatinoLA: September 7, 2003

Cruz Control

Is it just me or does this whole recall election seems like a Chinese fire drill? All of these well-funded and powerful people are clamoring for the states drivers? seat, as the SUV State of California is on a crash course, losing 29 million dollars a day.

I believe that all politicians are intrinsically corrupt self-serving egomaniacs who pine for affirmation, lust for power, and beg for money. This is what attracts so many corporate attorneys to the trade. The list of folks running for Governor is like a who?s who from the laughing academy. Welcome to the Hotel California, such a lovely place?

Gray Davis needs to be recalled, if for no other reason than to send a signal to other Governors that if you sell your state out to special interests you are going to get fired. It is the opinion of many that Gray spent, or should I say rented out most of his time, raising money to run for office. It was the energy crisis debacle that turned his lights off. The party is over, the fat woman has sung.

With most West Coast electorate triages being equal, this one is different in that we have the unique opportunity to elect, even by the slimmest 15 percent of the vote, a quite gifted and quite normal person named Cruz Bustamante.

Irrespective of his policies, voting Cruz into office can be a historically significant statement to all working people in this country, that a humble person from large blue collar family can study hard, work hard, and through some unfortunate career choices can become Governor of one of the richest states in the union and one of the biggest economies in the world.

Let me go on record to say that we shouldn?t vote for Cruz just because he is Latino and looks exactly like my cousin. We shouldn?t vote for him so all those Latinos who work in Social Services can say they went to school with the Governor, and should get paid sabbaticals to go hang with his in Sacramento and ?Lobby the interns.? Lastly, you shouldn?t vote for him unless you are convinced that he can truly understand your needs and will work in making life more livable, or at least creating the illusion that things will get better.

There are some critics of Cruz that cite his questionable acceptance of upwards of one million dollars from Indian gaming casinos. It is said that he took the contributions because he needs the money and his Republican cowboy Conan counterparts are privately funded. All Arnold has to do is one movie for his 30 million dollar fee and buy the election.

It seems reasonable that if Cruz wants to raise one million from Indian casinos he should play the 25 cent progressive slot machines like many of his constituency.

There was a media flap about Cruz being a member of MEChA, and MEChA was a racist organization. Let me say for the record that I was a member of MEChA at several colleges and we couldn?t agree on the wording of the sign on the table for a tamale sale let alone entertaining a demagoguery posture on race. We did whatever we could to invite coeds of every ethnicity to our meetings, even the ugly ones. For MEChA race wasn?t the issue: Collegiate miseducation, lack of student funding and peer support was. In fact it still is?

Luckily for the Bustamante camp I have come up with an idea for him to win the election. Many of us have adult kids, or have voting age nieces or nephews. Many of the aforementioned have never registered to vote, voted, or have held a decent job. We should throw a privately funded BBQ bring voter registration forms and sign them up. I have six off the top that I can think of.

On polling day, you have a follow-up family gathering that involves free food, and schlep the nubile voters to the polling place; nobody gets to eat until everybody has voted.

The registration and subsequent voting of familial non politicos will go a long way to negate the votes of conservative corporate crooks, and will give Cruz a decent chance to make history. Every Latino kid in the country needs to know for a fact that they can grow up to be Governor.

In my lifetime, I didn?t think it was possible.

About Al Carlos Hernandez:
Al Carlos is a national columnist and a screenwriter.

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