Mexican Reparations

They got away with it once...

By Rita Guerra-Davis
Published on LatinoLA: September 8, 2003

Mexican Reparations

During the Great Depression, the president of the US Herbert Hoover called for the forced deportation of hundreds of thousands of Mexican Americans to Mexico. He called it Repatriation.

The majority of these people were born in the United States.

A motion was brought by California State Senator Joseph Dunn and he filed a petition for an investigation requesting that there be some reparations made.

Reparations give an ugly connotation, which is associated with money.

My grandparents were forcibly removed from the US, a country they were born into because their parents were BROUGHT over to the US to be used for jobs that white Americans refused to do. So when President Hoover tore these families away from one another he said he was doing so to open up more jobs for white Americans because Mexican Americans were taking jobs from them.

However at that point in time, Latinos only made up 1% of the workforce.

When Joseph Dunn goes to Congress with this issue, it is important that they know that no amount of money will make up for the long-time injustices Mexican Americans and other Latino groups have been subjected to for decades.

I do not want reparations, I want families to be reunited.

Why not ask that we get to bring grandparents back together that were torn from their wives and children and grandchildren? They deserve to live in the country that they helped make great. And they deserve to have their wives and other family members at their side.

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