Recording Group LLueve Returns with New Album: Vueltas

These guys bring a unique sound of their own, ready to conquer not only the Tejano genre of music, but all Spanish genres

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Published on LatinoLA: November 6, 2013

Recording Group LLueve Returns with New Album: Vueltas

They weren't called LLueve in the beginning. It started as a group of guys who knew each other as musicians who played with other bands. They would always see each other at gigs and rock concerts, but never ever really thought about forming as band together. Roland (Keyboards), Eric (Drums) and Mike (Percussion) were the first three members of what eventually became LLueve. As roommates they would go out and jam out with other rock bands or Tejano bands, never thinking that the core for the group was already living under one roof.

Being given the chance to evolve as musicians, the guys could never come together as one to form a group. The right mixture of music, inspiration and drive just didn't exist within the guys at the time in their lives. So they each decided to go their separate ways, of which they did.

10 years later. Still friends. Career goals completed. The guys start feeling the itch of music returning. Roland quickly found a singer and completed the band. Everyone had roots in pop and rock but ultimately choose Tejano as the genre of music to record. A demo quickly turned into a full fledged album called "Calles Del Amor" and while recording the album the name LLueve was coined for the group. The group chose the name after a song from one of the bands influences, La Mafia.

After a successful start with LLueve, the guys then turned to touring. Having radio success in the Tejano market made the band a hot new group. Amongst all the struggle of trying to become a band of brothers, the guys managed to get the attention of their idols within the market, La Mafia. Having named the band after one of their songs, the guys decided to make it their goal to be on tour with Oscar De La Rosa and La Mafia. They came so close, performing a few shows with La Mafia and impressing them. Unfortunately that never happened. The band was not getting along and the band was again faced with no lead singer.

Devastated by being so close to his dream, Roland went out and started touring with other bands as a keyboardist. The biggest being the "Mira Quien Baila" dancing sensation Bobby Pulido. Although playing music satisfied the hunger that was recreated from trying to start his own band, Roland still didn't give up the thought of one day getting back behind LLueve. Little did he know that one day, his path was going to cross with his idols once more and the future would become a whirlwind of awesome that few could ever dream of.

While on a casino tour with Bobby Pulido in Michigan, the tour was booked at a gig as an opening act for...yes, you guessed it...La Mafia. Not expecting to see Roland there and having remembered him from the few shows LLueve did with them, the guys in La Mafia were shocked that the group had broken up. Roland explained to Oscar and Mando (La Mafia founders) that he had lost his lead singer and needed to find a new one. Less than a minute later, Oscar was on the phone with his friend Marc from Houston asking him if he was still interested in singing. Oscar gave Roland Marc's number and demanded that LLueve be started up again. Roland wasted no time. Politely leaving Bobby's band, Roland (They are still friends and have played shows together) headed home to start a new chapter in LLueve.

Not wanting to be stuck in the genre's past as many artists are, Roland started experimenting with new sounds and infusing his British rock influences (Coldplay, Queen...) into the sound of the band. Knowing that he was taking a risk with the sound he attracted two new members that would complete band. Long time friend and bass player George joined the group and brought in his rock influenced brother Rick on guitar. So, along with Mike, Eric and now lead singer Marc, the band was complete. The sound took on a life of its own under the direction of Grammy award winning producer Mando Lichtenberger, Jr. and Eliud Hernandez writing the lyrics for the entire album entitled, "Vueltas"

Once the album was complete, the band had recorded a song that stood out from the rest. The song entitled, "Que No Haria Yo" had a very harmonic hook, yet it needed something else. A duet. The first person that came to mind was Oscar De La Rosa...La Mafia's lead singer. A call was placed, Oscar heard the song and agreed. Roland flew to Houston to get Oscar's vocals recorded and the song was released as the band's first single under Urbana Records. Not only did the band reunite but they have a duet with their idol and they are now also signed to the same record label as La Mafia.

These guys bring a unique sound of their own and they are ready to conquer not only the Tejano genre of music, but all Spanish genres as a whole.

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