Northeast LA's Most Wanted

How a city councilman has become "a disgrace to his race"

By William Gallegos
Published on LatinoLA: December 8, 2013

Northeast LA's Most Wanted

Many of you familiar with are familiar with the stories I have done for this site the past 7-8 years. While many of my stories have been controversial and have resulted in many of you bashing me (which you're entitled to do), many of you have also supported me because many of these same stories have done nothing more than simply express the truth about the problems in our society.

Whether it is the always-corrupt LAPD who enjoy terrorizing Angelenos, thanks to both the backing of their union and the powers they hold when carrying the badge or whether it's the many (and I do say "many") latinos out there who willingly continue to tarnish the reputation of our proud race through gangs, crime, "welfare" over "work", and/or becoming a teen parent while in high school, I have never regretted writing a story for, for I have always believed that I will get my share of intelligent latinos who will understand and back me up on what I write.

In the roughly dozen or so stories I have written for, there have been two subjects mentioned most in my stories.........the always corrupt LAPD and Jose Huizar, the LA city councilman who was the subject of my first ever story and who is once again the subject of this latest story.

As some of you may not recall back in 2007, I did a story about a chicano mural in the Highland Park area that had been hit with far too much gangbanger graffiti. With this dying but proud mural having been in existence since 1977, I felt it was time to do something about it. So I emailed Jose Huizar and requested he do something about it. He would end up not responding back. I then contacted the Bouvelard Sentinel, a community paper from the Highland Park area. There, I was given the opportunity to share my story on the mural's history, its importance, and how Huizar refused to respond back to my request in fixing it. This story was in the Sentinel's june 2007 issue.

I also mentioned in this 2007 story how I believed Huizar had no intentions on ever fixing this mural "unless re-election time was on the way" (this line is'll soon read why).

Anyways, following the SentineI's story, I would be contacted by one of Huizar's Highland Park staff members, Paul Habib, who read my story in the Boulevard Sentinel and therefore, needed to respond back (he claimed Huizar couldn't respond to my email weeks earlier because of a computor glitch.........PURE BS!!!).

With some 3 months having then gone by since talking to Mr. Habib (where he took my cell number, promising to call me with updates), I angrily contacted both him and Huizar via email, asking them both why I had not heard any new updates during those months.

By no surprise, only Mr. Habib would contact me, via email, asking me for my cell number so that I can get my updates. When asking him what happened to my cell number that I gave him months earlier, he claimed my number was in his phone book, which was in his car, which he did not have access to (PURE BS AGAIN!!!). When I told him to call me once he got hold of his phone book, he insisted that I just go ahead and give him my cell number. With days gone by and with him still insisting that I just give him my number, I would end up calling him a liar and a coward before telling him that he was better off being honest to me by telling me he got rid of my number rather than giving me some lie about how my number was in his phone book, which he could not get access to. He would never call me again.

For the next month or so, I then spent my time contacting dozens of businesses in the Highland Park area, asking all to contact Huizar's office by phone, demanding that the mural be fixed. I even contacted roughly 100+ individuals from the Alumni page of the Franklin High School website, asking them to do the same (of course, all this being done before Facebook came in). Many of these Franklin graduates would not only thank me for the time spent in gathering up supporters of the mural, but they would also share with me their childhood stories of this mural. Huizar would eventually respond back to the many angry mural supporters in the december 2007 issue of the Bouvelard Sentinel but rather than giving an honest update on the mural, he would instead tell all the mural supporters to take it up with AT&T, since the mural was on their building.

Now many out there will insist that perhaps money was the issue and that it just can't be done overnight. Well that is what I was told in 2007 by Mr Habib but yet, one year later, in 2008, the city of Los Angeles paid a Long Beach resident by the name of Sandow Birk roughly $180,000.00 to create a mural that was set for display at the new LAPD Hollenback station in Huizar's town of Boyle Heights.

The finished mural was found offensive by many members of the latino community for its stereotypical portrayal of a latino community. It included a cop harrassing an ice cream man, stray dogs, smog coming out of cars, and vendors illegally selling laker jerseys, just to name a few. Huizar would be forced to attend a community meeting where angry residents demanded answers to why this mural would even exist.

Huizar would not only play dumb by insisting he knew nothing about the mural (a response he also said a year or two earlier when asked why a very well-loved jewish community center had been demolished) but he would also play the role of coward by leaving the meeting early, claiming he had "other business to deal with" (ONCE AGAIN.....PURE BS!!!). By the way, according to Mr Habib, the cost for fixing the Highland Park mural would have only cost roughly $40,000.00.

So fast forward to early 2011....I find out through a friend that Huizar has finally decided to get the Highland Park mural restored. What got my attention was not the fact that this mural controversy was now finally coming to a close but the fact that Huizar was getting the mural restored just 1-2 months before he was up for re-election. Then comes the Bouvelard Sentinel's story on the mural finally being restored. The editor had decided to mention something in his story that I was not expecting to I predicted 4 years earlier in the june 2007 issue of the Boulevard Sentinel that Huizar had no intentions on ever fixing the mural "unless re-election time was on the way" and how this prediction came true.

With the mural restoration now a closed chapter, was it time to move on when it came to Huizar being your typical lying, piece of crap politician? I thought so, until I was hit with an email from a lady from the El Sereno area. Around mid-2011, and right after lashing out at the Councilman in the follow-up issue of the Sentinel, regarding my 2007 prediction coming true, this lady wanted advice from me regarding Huizar.

It turned out that she was part of a committee that was hit with lies and neglect from Huizar's El Sereno office, when it came to her and the rest of her group trying to get El Sereno Park restored. Just like what I first went through in 2007, she was now going through in 2011. I told her to contact as many El Sereno residents and businesses that she can and have them contact his El Sereno office via phone.

The key thing was that if she was a "nice" person, she needed to start being a "b*tch" towards Huizar's staff (yes, I did tell her that) but not to use profanity or inappropriate threats. Unfortunately, I also told her that as long as re-election time for Huizar is nowhere in sight, he will likely neglect the many requests of the park supporters, the same way he neglected my requests for years. As of today, nothing positive to say when it comes to the restoration of the park.

It was now time to move on. I also came to realize that regardless of how much crap and truth you expose on phoney politicians like Huizar, when it came to his lack of care towards a mural or a park in the neighborhoods he did not grow up in, he was still going to be the same typical, worthless politician who only values people when he needs their votes at election time.

Just take the other problem affecting Highland Park residents....the Southwest Museum. During the same time I was dealing with the mural, Highland Park residents were also pressuring Huizar into bringing back to life the oldest museum in Los Angeles. Of course, the only time he ever made the effort to comment on saving the museum was also during re-election time. Nothing positive since then.

We are now going on almost 10 years already since the museum closed and yet, no sign that the best is yet to come for bringing this historic landmark back to life. If you were to compare the museum to a patient in ICU, it has gone from "critical" to "grave" in just the past year or two alone. I wonder what its condition would be today if this museum had been in Boyle Heights? Let's also remember that this same museum, that Huizar continues to purposely neglect since being re-elected, is set to celebrate 100 years next year and I can guarantee you that if there is some sort of official celebration planned, he'll be there, convincing all that he's the museum's number one supporter of all time.

So as the next few years went by, I would see Huizar on TV and on the papers, trying to look like your typical, fake "I'm here for you" politician.

I would see him expressing his dislike for pot shops (which has since changed, now that he has been reminded that the tax dollars now lie on the same side as the pot shops).

I would see him on the front page of a local japanese-american newspaper, where he is pictured riding a bike in his suit, encouraging all to "ride your bike to work" (can you say "horrific publicity stunt"?).

I would see him doing an infomercial, not on the entire district he serves, but only on his hometown Boyle Heights (let me guess.....not enough time given to profile every neighborhood in the district).

I would see him on the 10pm news, kissing up to angry Ramona Gardens residents who were protesting the shooting death of a notorious, armed gangbanger, shot in self-defense by LAPD foot-patrol officers. Huizar would promise the angry residents (who were all seen surrounding him) that the cops involved would be investigated, even though just weeks earlier, the same Huizar proposed a bill that would stiffen punishments towards those who attempt to assault or harm LAPD officers. PURE TWO-FACE!!!.

And I would see him in front of the press, making his very rare (and I mean "very" rare) appearances in Highland Park and Eagle Rock, trying to take credit for the opening of a skate park, little league field, or community center, even though it was likely the hard-working members of that community were the ones that made that park, field, or center a reality (reminds me of our ex-Mayor).

With 2012 nearing its end, the disaster that was about to be heading down Huizar's path would soon make all of the above look like nothing.

So it seems that the good people of El Sereno were not through when it came to falling victim to the lies and neglect of Jose Huizar. According to the El Sereno Historical Society's Facebook page, every year since 2009, the LA City Council had approved a number of special events in every council district. In 2011 and in 2012, Huizar received from the council $20,000.00 in each of those years and was asked by members of the El Sereno community to use the funds for both a toy giveaway and for Christmas lights that would have been put on the palm trees located on Huntington drive. These same members also asked the councilman to use the funds towards a Christmas tree. Huizar's El Sereno staff responded by claiming "they did not have the funds".

Don't believe this story people? Go to the El Sereno Historical Society's Facebook page and see more disturbing facts on Huizar. Better yet, see the documents itself as well as the Huizar-approved destruction of an El Sereno landmark by going to YouTube.

Anyways, local community leaders, the Spark of Life Foundation, and the #47 Fire Station on Huntington Drive would eventually come up with both a tree and toys, bringing cheer that holiday season. I wasn't there but I am willing to bet Huizar was probably at this holiday event trying to take credit for the tree and toys. Don't you hate it when the residents and businesses of a community do all the work for a charity event only for the politicians to then sneak right in and take credit for it, once the media arrives to cover the event?

Oh wait, maybe he did not show up to that 2012 holiday event. Did he not hit an ex-Huntington Park police officer in a car accident last december, resulting in a half-million dollar legal claim against him? Did he not also try to settle the matter with the victim by persuading him into not getting the LAPD involved? Remember people, this could have been you getting hit by Huizar, only to then be told by Huizar to "keep it hush".

So with the 2013 holiday season approaching, El Sereno is once again suppose to have $20,000.00 for the holidays, courtesy of the LA City Council, and once again, the people of El Sereno are wondering if they will ever see it or even worse, be told by Huizar's people that once again, there are no funds (even though, just like in 2011 and 2012, it's there and it's in writing).

What's wrong Huizar? Still recuperating from the 2012 accident and can't seem to make time to comment on where the money is"?

So in the meantime, while he has pissed off the good people of El Sereno these past few years just like he pissed off the good people of Highland Park in '07 and '08, he is starting to cause controversy with the residents and businesses of Downtown LA with his so-called "cable car project". Since taking office, it has always been his goal to revitalize Broadway and make it some sort of wannabee "LA Live", "3rd street Promenade", and "the Grove", all rolled up in one, with the cable cars being the icing on the cake.

But just like any LA politician "talking" about improving education, increasing the number of LAPD cops, and creating thousands of new jobs, for the sole purpose of seeing both their poll and popularity numbers go up, this cable car project has also been nothing more than just "talk"!

The problem with this situation is that what was suppose to only cost a reasonable amount of dollars to create (resulting in the voters of the area approving it) has now practically skyrocketed in price, and will likely go even higher by the time this project actually starts groundbreaking in a few years (the project has now been delayed because of these new dollar figures). Kind of sounds like Jerry Brown's bullet train idea......a disastarous idea that continues to spike in price.

So channel 9 news decides to have a one on one interview with Huizar to get his feedback on this increase that voters were never warned about when they were at the polls (even though Huizar probably knew would happen). Huizar, with that fake smile of his, does the usually "blah, blah, blah, blah", before assuring all that "everything will be just fine" (kind of like actor Leslie Nielsen in the movie "Airplane", where he assures the scared passengers that "everything will be just fine"). I'm guessing that Huizar must have been taught at the "Villaraigosa School of Bull***ting".

And what is up with that fake smile of Huizar's? You know, the one where he is showing his entire set of teeth? Either I am guessing his mama is always behind the photographers, telling him to smile to the camera (" mijo, smile") or he thinks he's one of those models who's going to be on one of those posters that hangs in the waiting room of a dentist office ("Talk to your dentist today about our special teeth whitening promotion").

All this BS to channel 9 news while hoping not to be asked by this reporter about someone who has made his year a total nightmare.......Se??ora Sancha Godoy!!!

Whether or not one wants to believe the stats, the majority of today's marriages in California this 21st century will go on to lead to divorce (anyone can easily find these stats anywhere online). Some will tell you that if a young couple is in love and wants to take that step in marriage, no one should ever get in the way by warning them about these "stats" and that we should let them believe that a marriage can work out. No one wants to see a marriage fail but today in California, it happens (I don't make the stats, the couples do). Sometimes it will end because the finances at home get in the way while other times it will end because there is never any free time available for loved ones. And then there is the most likely reason why Huizar's marriage will now one day come to an end.....the "other" person.

Of course, anytime a spouse is caught with that "other" person, the fake apologies then come in. I have always believed that anytime someone apologizes to their loved one for cheating on them, they only apologize because....1) they got caught, 2) the person they left their spouse for has since dumped them and therefore, wants to come back and/or 3) they have no other choice but to apologize.

Huizar would eventually come clean by claiming it was "a huge mistake"!

Hello!!!! As Councilman, he had no other choice but to claim this (see reason number three above)!

I'm not surprise this happened. I remember around the time of the mural controversy, a story came out on one of the two popular city blogs, Zuma Dogg or MayorSam (don't recall which one), where he was busted on camera texting someone during an entire city council meeting....someone that was likely not his wife. Of course, just like those perverted morons on NBC Dateline's "To Catch A Predator", who all claimed to host Chris Hansen that "they have never done something like this before", I am guessing Huizar will insist that Ms Godoy was his first sancha and that he too also "has never done something like this before".

What was this moron thinking? If you are going to get married to please your parents, your new wife, and/or her parents, you need to remember that the woman you are marrying is the only woman you can sleep with between now and "until death do us part". Sometimes a latino thinks that by getting married, they are going to have the same long and lasting marriage that their parents and grandparents had. Sorry but yesteryear's generation of latino marriages are hard to duplicate in this day and age (yes....I will say that there are some that can last but in this day and age, not as many as before). My comments are not about being negative or about holding some type of grudge towards marriage but it's about being honest.

And just like today's unfaithful latinos and latinas who decided to walk down the aisle (later to regret it), Huizar wasn't able to forever keep his sexual desires and fantasies on just his spouse alone. If you believe you won't be able to stay loyal to the individual who'll be known in the future as your "spouse", then do what most people should do.....choose the single life. It's stress-free, it's guilt-free, and it doesn't involve being watched over by a hawk.

Now as for Ms Godoy, I am not letting her off the hook. What a stupid way to move up the ladder by not only offering her body to Huizar in return for a great City Hall position but by wrecking a young family. To see Ms Godoy then announce to the media that she is hitting Huizar with a lawsuit, as if she was some sort of harrassment victim in need of sympathy, makes her look like nothing more than a gold-digging **** (you figure it out.....a four letter word that begins with the letter "S" and rhymes with "cut").

Now as for Mrs Huizar, as long as she stays with her two-timing husband, she gets no pity from me. There is no point in staying with him since it is now likely he'll eventually one day choose to leave her, rather than for him to stay faithful to only her, between now and "until death do us part" (as if he'll be able to stay faithful from here on). I'm guessing she'll be stupid enough to stick with him because "she loves him". This is why I never feel sorry for physically abused women or men who stay with their abusers, not because of "fear" but because "they love them".

Though many members of the public will likely agree that both Huizar and his sancha are idiots, at least Huizar can say that he still has his share of powerful supporters. As this scandal continues to rock both City Hall and the Huizar family, city leaders decided to hold a 2015 re-election countdown party for Huizar somewhere in Downtown LA. The event would be hosted by City Council President Herb Wesson, who at this event, called Huizar "my brother and friend" and "someone that I would trust with my life". But yet, just a few weeks earlier, the same Herb Wesson led the investigation towards Huizar's involvement with Ms Godoy. Either Wesson is City Hall's greatest two-face or he is actually committing a "publicity stunt", by making everyone believe that an investigation on Huizar and Ms Godoy is necessary, only to then quietly clear his "brother and friend" of any wrongdoing.

Once again.....LA city politics at its worst!!! And LA city leaders want to know why voter turnout is always so low.

Could this be the last chapter in the ugly career of Jose Huizar? Likely not....for as long as suckers exist in the latino community, this man will be voted in next election, not because of his accomplishments, but because the latino community will continue to believe as a latino himself, he will look after them first.

Okay, yes, I will admit that the above sentence can stir a little controversy but face it people, did the latino community not vote for Antonio Villaraigosa for this same reason as well? I remember when Villaraigosa tried the second time at the office of Mayor (in which he would win). I was watching the news, where a reporter was live from the Pantry Restaurant near LA Live. There, a 50-something year old latino man was asked his thoughts on the upcoming election and in response, had straight out told the reporter, "I think it's about time we have a latino at City Hall".

To this day, that still has to be one of the most idiotic lines I have ever heard from a latino when it comes to voting. You vote for someone because of their previous accomplishments, not because of their race. Any latino who is going to have the nerves to tell me that there is nothing wrong with what this latino man said should also tell me that there is nothing wrong with a white man saying, "it's about time we have a white man in the white house".

Look at Villaraigosa's resume the past eight years in affair with a news reporter (not his first high-profiled sancha), the tripling of trash fees that would be used to bring in roughly 300 more cops by 2008 (never happened), the illegal use of VIP event tickets, resulting in a hefty fine (and then resulting in the creation of a fund, asking all to help pay his fine), the support of illegal aliens (only when it makes him look good), the creating of the beginning of what will be a bankrupt city before this decade is over (something already predicted by many political experts and analysts), more than 75% of his time on the clock trying to look macho at ribbon-cutting ceremonies, groundbreaking events, and awards ceremonies (instead of focusing on education, crime prevention, and job creation), and of course, lying to the public by insisting that LA is at its safest in decades (which explains why we saw during his 8 years in office, and continue to see, more stories than ever on the news regarding homicides, gang violence, rapes, thefts, gun-related assaults on LAPD cops, hit and runs, sick-minded LAUSD teachers molesting their pre-teen students, and hate crimes, all in Los Angeles City alone).

And yet, despite of all the above crap that took place in LA the last 8 years, an LA Times polls that came out during Villaraigosa's last month in office revealed that roughly 75% of latinos praised Villaraigosa for what he did during his two terms as Mayor. One latino professor from Loyola Marymount University even said Villaraigosa will one day go down in history as the greatest Mayor in the history of LA.

Somewhere above, the spirit of Tom Bradley is finding this to be hilarious!!!

LAX would even name the Pavilion at the Tom Bradley terminal after Villaraigosa. They should have named the bathrooms after him since he is always full of.......well, you know the rest!

Perhaps they are saving that honor for Huizar.

What also happens when it comes to latino politicians like Jose Huizar is that we always end up hearing that same old "I was the child of latino immigrants" line as a way to convince would-be voters that this is the "feel good story of the year" but yet, once this absurd line gets these latino politicians their votes, they end up becoming no different than your average, dishonest politician, screwing the average middle to low class, tax-paying citizen in the back, once in office.

Whether its Jose Huizar, Antonio Villaraigosa, John Noguez, Fabian Nunez, Richard Alarcon, Moreno Valley's Mike Rios, past LA councilmen RIchard Alatorre and Mike Hernandez, or the Calderon brothers, they are all the same......100% pure idiot latino politicians voted in because the latino community believes these politicians will have their backs.

You want the perfect example of a true latino politician? That's easy.......Marco Rubio.

Oh wait, he's a republican and a light-skinned from Cuba. Therefore, none of you will agree with me!

By now, there are those readers who are going to lash out at me for this story on Jose Huizar. I'm used to this kind of criticism. Around 2 years ago or so, I did an honest story on why George Lopez' late night talk show was cancelled. I simply explained that the show lost most of its white, asian, and black viewers because both the show and its monologue jokes catered too much to latinos, considering Lopez once said on Larry King Live that it was his goal to get a "universal audience".

One person decided to comment on my story by saying that as a latino, I should have supported his show. This person then made a false comment about me by saying that I was likely a light-skinned Cuban who disliked dark-skinned latinos (this explains the above comment on Marco Rubio). And yet, I am willing to bet that this same critic probably loves watching the same mexican novelas that never seem to include a dark-skinned cast member. Even the gardeners and maids in mexican novelas are light-skinned. And by the way, I am an American of Mexican descent and 100% proud of it! As for disliking dark-skinned latinos, only an idiot like the above critic will think that.

So by choosing Leno, Letterman, or Kimmel over Lopez, should I be ashamed of myself? By choosing Steve Garvey over Fernando Valenzuela as my favorite Dodger as a kid growing up, should I be ashamed of myself? And by choosing U2 or Depeche Mode over Man?í as my favorite musical artist, should I be ashamed of myself?

So what if Jose Huizar ran for Governor one day and was up against ex-Mayor Richard Riordan, an irish-american candidate who as Mayor, brought jobs to LA, believes in pension reform as a way to avoid bankruptcy in the future, and who never stirred up controversy at work or away from work. By choosing Riordan over Huizar, should I be ashamed of myself?

Think about it people!!!

Also by now, there will be those readers who once again, are going to lash out at me by claiming that Huizar has actually done alot for the latino community....yeah, but for what part of the latino community? As far as I know, it has only been Boyle Heights. Let's make this clear people....I have nothing against this community or its good people but as city councilman, Huizar needs to remember that this community is not the only one in his district. The money that he has claimed he does not have for El Sereno is suddenly there every time improvements are made in Boyle Heights, which in case you did not know, is the same city he was raised in as a kid. And yes, there are going to be those who are going to try (the key word here is "try") to insult me by commenting on this story with the word "yawn". Don't you love when this happens, knowing that this same person still made the effort to read the entire story? It's like willingly sitting through an entire 3 1/2 hour movie at home, only to then say it was the most boring movie you ever saw.

As I end this story, I want to say that what you read is not about me being anti-latino or anti-Boyle Heights but about being honest when it comes to Jose Huizar, who only values you when election time nears, only to then hit you with lies, neglect, scandal, and controversy. And as always, I stand by what you have just read. Every incident and story mentioned is as accurate as can be. Any supporter of Jose Huizar is entitled to share this with the councilman, for as long as what I have written is the truth, I have nothing to worry about.

Love your city.........fear its leaders!!!

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