Domador de Caballos: Season 2 Premieres

Martin Ochoteco is a nontraditional horse trainer, recruited worldwide for his talent. His show debuts Tuesday January 7th at 7

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Published on LatinoLA: December 28, 2013

Domador de Caballos: Season 2 Premieres

Martin Ochoteco, El Domador de Caballos is a nontraditional horse trainer, recruited worldwide for his talent. Each episode is a journey to a new destination, a unique experience in which you will see the way Martin uses all his creativity and skills to gain the trust and loyalty of these extraordinary animals.

Jack, Forest and Holly

Premieres on Tuesday January 7, 2014 at 7PM ET/PT
A quiet atrocity is taking place every day in the United States. Horses are being slaughtered for their meat and exported to neighboring countries. The meat eventually goes to restaurants in Europe and Japan where it is sold as a delicacy. In 2012, this practice took away 160,000 of the nine million horses we have here in the U.S.

The state of Kentucky is at particular risk as they have the least amount of equine protection. Martin Ochoteco, 'El Domador de Caballos' travels there to support Speak Up For Horses, a foundation that strives to stop this slaughter. As Martin learns about a bill to ban equine traffic, he pledges to endorse the organization's cause. As part of his efforts, he works with three horses, Jack, Forest and Holly, rescued horses that share their fear for humans.

Martin works with them in an effort for the horses to become part of a therapy team in support of veterans. Thanks to el Domador de Caballos, the project becomes a reality.


Premieres on Tuesday January 14, 2014 at 7PM ET/PT
Enigma is a horse intended to be a Paso Fino champion. His owners purchased him four years ago because of his ideal characteristics: exuberance, elegance and color: all essential for a horse competing in this category. However, Enigma is untamable. Eleven riders have tried to train him, but when ridden, Enigma bucks, hits with its head, kicks and even bites violently. He also attacks other horses and destroys the stables.

Martin Ochoteco has less than 10 days to tame Enigma for what is his last chance, to participate at the popular Feria de las Flores and then compete in a Paso Fino exhibition ÔÇô without being disqualified for his behavior.

With time running out, Martin must face one of the most difficult moments in his career, participate with Enigma at the Feria de las Flores even though the treatment has not been completed. Enigma's fate will be determined during this event.


Premieres on Tuesday January 21, 2014 at 7PM ET/PT
Meet Atlixco from Mexico. The horse is perfect for equestrian jumping, but is extremely violent and impossible to tame. The owner, Diana Castello, is afraid to ride him after the last time she tried and he knocked her off. Diana is not even able to take Atlixco out of the stable because she is afraid he will kick or bite her.

Diana has decided to sell the horse if Martin Ochoteco is unable to help. His job is complex ÔÇô he must change the horse's behavior and calm the fears of Diana so can reclaim the passion she gave up gave up 20 years ago, equestrian jumping.
Using various techniques including water therapy, el Domador de Caballos makes huge progress with Atlixco, but, the day before a competition, a simple mistake puts everything at risk.

Allens Cash

Premieres on January 28, 2014 at 7PM ET/PT
Allens Cash is the fastest horse in 250 yard races. He has repeatedly set the record and then beat it. But after a traumatic experience when he hit his forehead while being transported from Puebla to Mexico City, he now refuses to climb into a trailer.

His owner is considering retiring him from the tracks and keeping him as a stallion. But he gets one last chance with El Domador de Caballos, Martin Ochoteco.

Martin has one week to strip the champion of his fear of climbing into trailers and get him back in shape for a race. Martin puts everything into making this world record horse get back on the track.

Canela, Capuchino and Corcel

Premiers on February 4, 2014 at 7PM ET/PT
Animal traction vehicles are one of the main sources of horse abuse in Latin America.

After the Mayor of Medellin launched a campaign to eliminate animal traction vehicles in the city, Marcela Gomez rescued Canela, an abused mare, and at an auction, she bought Capuchino to save her from death. Canela and Capuchino became the proud parents of Corcel, a 2-year old colt.

Martin Ochoteco will work to rehabilitate this family and train them to provide equine therapy for special needs children at the "Con Amor Por Amor" foundation.

All three will require individualized help and attention. Canela is traumatized from the abuse received while working on the streets. Capuchino is stressed because he hasn't been saddled in two years, and Corcel is an untamed colt.


Premiers on February 11, 2014 at 7PM ET/PT
Argentina is one of the polo powers in the world. One of its stars is Mariano Aguerre, a player with a 10 goal handicap that plays with Ellerstina, one of the best teams in the country.

Martin Ochoteco receives a special request from Aguerre: to tame and train a young mare from his breeding center. Martin accepts the challenge and doubles the bet: he'll have the mare ready for polo practice in only ten days, a feat that normally takes up to a year's time. From a herd of hundreds of horses, Ochoteco chooses Koala to prove his skills in a test that is almost impossible to conclude.

El Domador de Caballos combines a series of exercises that include riding the horse without a saddle, making Koala get used to the saddle, and teaching the basics such as trot, canter and gallop.

The mare is still young and sometimes gets exasperated and makes mistakes. But Koala must learn not only to play polo, but to be with other horses on the field without bolting. Until the very last second, Martin won't be able to see if he is successful.

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