Can You Read This?

You're lucky; 32 million Americans can't. Be grateful. Give the gift of literacy.

By Centro Latino for Literacy Staff, LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: January 8, 2014

Can You Read This?

"Mi mam?Ū me ama," (My mother loves me) was the first sentence Blanca Mor?Ūn ever read on her own from her daughter. Imagine the happiness Blanca felt and the doors of opportunity that opened for her now that she could read. Please help Centro Latino for Literacy (Centro Latino) bring the joy of reading and writing to other Spanish-speaking adults like Blanca.

Our adult learners often say how grateful they are to be given a second chance at pursuing their education. Through our online Leamos‘šů (Let's Read) course adult learners can learn at their convenience in the comfort of their own home. Upon completion, they tell us that they feel confident, independent, and free of the embarrassment of having to ask for help to read a street sign or simple instructions at work.

Your contribution, regardless of the amount, can change a person's life. We only need $2,600 to reach our $5,000 goal (click link at bottom of the page)! $150 will purchase the entire Leamos‘šů course and teach a non-literate adult to read and write in 150 hours (i.e. 5 months) ‘«Ű that's $1 per hour!

-$150 for the entire Leamos‘šů course
-$75 for 75 hours of Leamos‘šů instruction
-$25 for 25 hours of Leamos‘šů instruction
-$10 for 10 hours of Leamos‘šů instruction

With a basic literacy foundation adult learners can help their children with their homework, access better employment opportunities, and learn English - our learners' #1 goal. If you are thankful that you can read, please contribute to make sure others can too!

For every $1000 raised, Centro Latino staff will surprise you with a literacy hat, author's moustache (Twain, Wilde, Hemingway), or silly tie day. We will video tape our thank you wearing said accessories and post it on our social media pages! See how we have already thanked donors on

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