Luis Rodriguez Poetry Locomotive

Send El Poeta to Sacra as more than 40 poets and hundreds of poetry aficionados take poetry to the community, February 16

By Abel Salas, Brooklyn & Boyle
Published on LatinoLA: February 10, 2014

Luis Rodriguez Poetry Locomotive

More than 40 poets and hundreds of poetry aficionados will take poetry to the public transit system and neighborhood businesses on Sunday, February 16th to support the arts and highlight one man's personal crusade to make humanitarianism, arts & letters, immigrant rights and the environment central platforms in his campaign for California Governor.

Lu?¡s Rodr?¡guez has earned the support of writers, artists, musicians and community activists across the spectrum as an independent voice for change. If elected to office, he makes it clear that he plans to represent those who currently have no voice in the two-party system as an advocate for human, labor, youth, people of color, LGBT and immigrant rights (See attachments).

"As writers, poets, musicans, artists and stakeholders in communities that have been disenfranchised for too long, it is our duty to help put Lu?¡s Rodr?¡guez on the ballot by collecting signatures and letting our collective voices be heard," says Poetry Locomotive co-organizer Abel Salas, a widely published poet and journalist.

"California is number 48, almost last, in per capita spending on the arts. At the same time, we have more prisons than any other state," Salas adds. "I'm one of those kids from a broken home that found a way out through poetry and the arts. I'm lucky I had people like Lu?¡s step in and guide me away from self-destructive patterns that young people often cycle through during adolescence."

The tour begins with a small 1 pm rally at the Gold Line Civic Center Stop in East LA. Among the poets scheduled to read are Francisco X. Alarc??n, a world renowned poet whose work in English and Spanish has been translated into Gaelic and Japanese and Gloria Enedina Alvarez, an L.A. poet who has mentored a generation of younger poets throughout a decades-long career as the voice of Latina feminist poetics. Poets and fans will disembark from the poetry train at four stops and will re-board for travel to the following fine locations to hear three different featured poets in each space. Open mic readers are invited to share on the train between stops.

Lupe's #2 Burritos, 4642 East 3rd St., East LA, CA 90022 (Gold Line Maravilla stop)

Quetzal Boutique, 3509 East 1st St. East LA, CA 90063 (Gold Line Indiana St. stop)

Mariachi Plaza/Espacio 1839, 1839 E 1st St, Boyle Heights, CA 90033 (Gold Line Mariachi Plaza stop)

Union Station/Placita Olvera, 800 N. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Poets: Francisco X. Alarcon, Gloria Enedina Alvarez, Iris De Anda, Leon Arellano, Jessica Ceballos, Bus Stop Prophet Francisco Escamilla, Luivette Resto, David Romero, Abel Salas, Matt Sedillo, award-winning high school poetry students and our very own Lu?¡s Javier Rodr?¡guez with more to be announced.

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