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Travels to Hawaii and So. Pacific: First Full Cruise Day, Part 2

We left the LA port and once we were in open waters, the ship started to sway due to the cross winds and high swells

By Armando F Sanchez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: April 3, 2014

Travels to Hawaii and So. Pacific: First Full Cruise Day, Part 2

As can be expected the waves are making the ship roll about a bit as we head toward the Hawaiian Islands. We will arrive there in three days. The ship is at full capacity in terms of passengers and the vast majority are retired and experienced cruised travelers so they don't pay much attention to the constant ship movements. The weather was in the high 60s and clear skies.

We left the Los Angeles port last night and once we were in open waters the ship started to sway due to the cross winds and high swells. In recent days we had been experiencing earthquakes back home and during the night while asleep on the ship I awoke momentarily and thought we were experiencing an earthquake. Once I remembered that we were on a moving ship I quickly went back to sleep. This also happened to Trini.

We started our morning by attending today's line dance class. In the session they taught five different dance movements. It's an experience to learn and practice while the ship is rocking back and forth. Clearly the ship's swaying didn't deter persons from participating. There were at least 50 persons attending. It's great to see persons putting aside their walking canes to participate. It's inspiring and motivating to see persons that seem much older than me getting onto the dance floor and learning to dance. You can see couples all tangled together, including us, as we learn to twist and twirl and end up facing in different directions. Many of us found ourselves meshed together with our partners and we did not seem graceful. We ended up pointing everywhere except in the same direction, but nevertheless the participants were laughing and just having fun.

Afterwards we went to the ship's Internet office to establish our connection account so that we can stay in touch throughout the journey. The connections on-board are not as fast as those on land, but it still keeps us connected. The entire ship has wifi and at times it will not connect since the ship uses satellite connection and they don't always align. One learns to be very patient and work with the system. We find it best to email right before we go to sleep. Many are asleep and the wifi system is a bit faster.

With regards to the ship's Internet, there is a live webcam that shows, in real time, the front of the ship and the horizon. We can view it on a channel in our room television screen. This webcast is ongoing on all the cruise ships throughout the world. Consequently our family can see our ship's position from this web cam on their computers. It keeps them updated 24/7 as to where we are.

After midday, I decided to attend one of the six seminars offered on the ship. Today I choose to attend the one on military intelligence history. The seminar was by US Air Force Col. (Retired) Wilber Franklin "Fuzzy" Furr, Jr., who is a recognized authority on intelligence activities and airborne reconnaissance operations with over 1300 hours of U-2 pilot and over 35 years in the intelligence collection business.

Right after the presentation Trini and I met up and attended the first ballroom dance class during this 27-day trip. Today's dance was merengue. On sea days we normally attend the dance classes and go to one or two of the evening dancing clubs where they have live dance music. Once in a while we will also go to the top decks and participate in the evening line dancing events.

After dinner we attended the theater show performance. I loved the title of today's theater performer. It was announced as "piano virtuoso Count Dimas from the mountains of Transylvania". This young Romanian is very talented. He played the classics and it was an experience to hear them played in a contemporary setting with a jazz and rock-and-roll mixture. I think Mozart and Beethoven would have appreciated the modern composition of their beautiful music.

Throughout the day we met persons from the US, Canada and England. We shared stories of past travels and places we want to visit. Each time we talk to others we end up getting motivated to visit other areas of Asia and Australia. That will have to wait for another day.

As we prepared to go to sleep the swells have diminished and we should get a peaceful night's sleep.

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