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Travels to Hawaii and Polynesia: Second Full Cruise Day, part 3

Swinging, swaying and contemplating on the high seas

By Armando F Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: April 11, 2014

Travels to Hawaii and Polynesia: Second Full Cruise Day, part 3

Today is the second day in the ocean. Unlike yesterday, the swells today were very light and it was smooth sailing.

Today we started the day by order coffee to our room to wake us up. Trini and I enjoy spending the morning hours in bed just drinking coffee and preparing our day's schedule. On the ship's flyer is to once again go to a dance class plus walk a mile. We will be snorkeling in Hawaii and we just received our email confirmation from the TOPDIVE company that we are on for our scuba diving in the French Polynesia area (Tahiti and Moorea). Thus, it's important for us to keep moving, exercising and staying in shape for these upcoming exerting water activities. The exercise keeps one from getting leg cramps as one is swimming with multiple gear and moving through the water currents. We walked two and a half times around the ship on the Promenade deck. This distance around the ship equals a mile. We will keep doing this walk every day. The dance classes and the walking help tremendously to stay flexible.

As we walked along the deck and looking into the open horizon, I started thinking about the people that work under the oceans. As we walked the all around the ship there were no other ships in sight. Yet one must never forget the warriors that are working in very deep and dangerous conditions for months on end. Their deep water ships are spread across the depths of the ocean working and sleeping 24/7 next to multiple high yield nuclear missiles and propelled by a nuclear reactor. The horizon may seem open, but they are somewhere underneath and working to keep us safe.

I don't want to diminish the contribution of all the persons serving in other branches of the military and are exposed to dangerous environments. I do want to recognize those that volunteer to live in space and deep underwater.

With regards to entertainment on the ship, there is a wide selection to choose from. The cruise line offers many options throughout the day. The passengers also organize their own on-board clubs (singles, religious, LGBT, veterans, photographers, support groups, chess players, and much more). The ship entertainment offers art auctions, wine tasting, pool games, indoor golfing, paddle tennis, or just go and lay around the pool. A great number of passengers are reading and playing sodoku. Of course one has the choice to participate in the casino, which is open all day and taking donations. Others chose group events or just to sit alone. Trini and I tend to schedule our sea days with both kinds of events.

We met a wonderful couple from Canada and we are enjoying each other's company. We share time on the ship at their activities and we may go on some private land excursions together. Judy and Bob live north of Buffalo, New York.

As we were doing our daily walk around the ship I began to wonder if in the near future that countries that are in short supply of fresh water will begin building large floating barrages that desalinate sea water. The barges would float and as they sway it converts motion into electricity. On top of the barge would be a desalination plant with large water storage tanks. The electricity that is produced by the motion would run the desalination plant. According to my design, the plant is totally self-sufficient, zero carbon emissions and provide clean drinking water.

Another thought that came to mind was to consider how the ship personnel work on the ship. They sign an employment agreement contract to work for six or nine months. They are all aware that their work contract might not be renewed. I remembered that this is an employee employment agreement process that is also being used in Europe. The reason I mentioned this is because I wonder when this will begin to be implemented in the US. It's unfortunate that many of our employees think that once they are hired that they have a job for the long haul. They get into a mythical perspective that they have a job until they decide to quit. Since these individuals have no long-term job security beyond their current contract they in turn manage their income different than persons in the US. Since employees working under these short-term conditions, they place a great deal of emphasis on yielding their savings and buying, instead of renting, their houses. This is just one, of many other reasons, that employees have such a strong work ethic.

As the afternoon approached we started to get ready for formal night on the ship. The ladies get all dressed up and we of course are either in suits or in our typical penguin outfits. During the day we are laid back as we are sun bathing, dress very casually and letting the air run through our hair (even for those that still have some!). By the evening there is a major transformation. Today is one of the busiest days in the ship's beauty salons. We are in our best outfits and "go out" to our formal dinner and ballroom dancing locations. In addition to dancing in several clubs, there are musical theater productions and several comedy shows also going on. From my point of view, I don't have to drive anywhere, so we can consume as much beverages as we wish and our rooms are only a few floors above. At the end of the day you can either walk or stagger to your room. If you stagger too much, you can always say that it was the swaying on the ship that caused it.

We stayed out until midnight and we had a wonderful time together.

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Armando F Sanchez is an author and CEO of Armando F Sanchez Production. His organization produces global digital media programming.
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