El Mariachi Actor Goes Into Space

Carlos Gallardo leads Latinos into the worlds of science fiction in Starwatch

By Kevin S. Birnbaum
Published on LatinoLA: April 22, 2014

El Mariachi Actor Goes Into Space

Every aspect of every movie is very unique. I can't say an indie with little money is a bad experience or studios which have other types of problems is a bad experience. I understand I must collaborate with each side ‘«Ű whether with a studio or an independent."

So says "Starwatch's" leading man, Carlos Gallardo. Inspired by well-known directors such as John Carpenter and George Miller, Carlos has never ceased to expand his creative vision behind and in front of the camera. The project which brought him the most recognition from Hollywood was the incredibly successful film "El Mariachi" where he participated as an actor and producer. Carlos worked as an actor and co-producer on the film "Desperado" which opened the door to many projects such as "Bravo" and "Single Action" in which Carlos filled the roles of producer, director, actor and screenwriter. He was also one of the producers of "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", featuring Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas.

How would an action performer take to a more serious role? "The movie we made is pretty interesting to me because this character I really like. I always wanted to play this condescending personality with this voice that he has. It's a challenge. I've come from action films and this character speaks like 90 pages of the movie so it's a little bit insane for me. But it's always good to take challenges. It's always good to gamble. It's always good to go into something that when you're caught in a situation you just have to say, "hey, you gotta' keep going ‘«Ű you gotta' keep swimming." It's been an experience.

"The character's name is Roberto Sabala and it's a sci-fi film and I had a great time. I do understand the director's vision because I've worked with many, many directors. I actually like Kevin very much because I think that Kevin for me is a typical studio director. Because he is a director. He's got all this stuff in him. He's focusing on his story that he wrote. I love it ‘«Ű and it's fun."

Carlos got to work at a place he had never worked before: a stage. "I've never shot on a stage before. Never. Always on locations. I like the fact that I come to the set that's here. I think I enjoy working on the set. I'm going to enjoy very much working at a studio based on the fact they have stages.

"Everything's really calm. Everything's really settled. I feel like I'm doing a movie for $50 million. This is very slow and this is an independent film. I have nothing against that. Actually, it gives me more time to do my stuff. You have to understand this is an independent film shot differently as opposed to the way I'm used to which is bang, bang, bang. This is different and yet every movie is different. But I like the pacing ‘«Ű as I said, I feel like I'm doing a movie for the studios."

Carlos did have one apprehension about playing the role. "The story is very wordy. There's a lot of words for my character. It was a challenge as an actor for me. So I'm taking a big challenge here as an actor so I can grow as an actor. I still have a lot to learn. I still have a lot to do I'm going to be working in the future with many people with many actors and this is just another film that's going to take me to the next level. That's how I like to walk. I like to learn."

A trailer for the film can be found at www.youtube.com/starwatchthefilm

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