Who We Were

The Chicano Chronicles, Part 3 of 9

By Emiliano Villa
Published on LatinoLA: April 28, 2014

Who We Were

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Religion is a powerful thing. So it is with this that we continue our quest- our "intellectual movement," and it is here where our intellectual journey begins. So let's move forward by traveling backward in time. Yes, let's start at the beginning -- at the creation of this thing that we've become, this animal that can't be tamed -- even by his own people‘«™ a Brown Buffalo who has lost his Self.

Again, Self, meaning: "The subject of one's own experience of phenomena: perception, emotions, and thoughts."

As we journey along our quest, a good place to start is with the Aztec account of the Spanish conquest of Mexico from Miguel Leon Portillo's book, The Broken Spears. You might then want to go to this link and watch Montezuma the Evolution, presented by Dan Snow, recounting the European account of these same historic events. I recommend these two accounts so that my readers will be able to hold their own in any conversation concerning the Spanish invasion of Aztlan -- but it remains your responsibility, as a Chicano, to learn more about your true history.

The revisionist historical account of the "Spanish Conquest" that the Chicano has been forced to recount through the centuries is merely a tool -- one of the many tools -- that were used to create the psychological scars Chicanos suffer from, and still carry, to this day.

We have been told we are a conquered people and because there were no leaders per se to tell us different, we became a lost people in a forest of lies and distortion to the degree, I doubt, most historians could fathom. Our subjugation was so thoroughly conceived, Chicano self-hatred so deep, so entrenched in the Chicano psyche, that it has become unrecognizable‘«™ even to the Chicano.

"History is written by the Victor," Winston Churchill was quoted as saying, and in the case of the ancient Chicano Mestizo, this truism, indeed, turned out to be the case. So, when the Tlalcaxtecas and a handful of Spaniards riding horses ended their one-sided attack on the People of the Sun, the first thing the Spanish "Christians" did was burn all codices, books, manuals, teachings, and religious texts they could get their torturous hands on -- and, in this, perpetuate arguably the most heinous form of revisionist history that would keep historians and truth seekers in the dark until‘«™ well, until now.

As you had witnessed in the European account of the Spanish invasion into Aztlan, our narrator, although well aware of Cortez's "well-known habit of embellishing the truth," commences to use Cortez's description of the first time he and Motecuhzoma actually met. This "accounting", if you can even call it that, was also embellishing the truth in that, preceding its Aztec invasion, the Spaniards had already had their way with England and was now expanding their torturous inquisition all across Europe.

Oh, did the Europeans forget to mention The Spanish Inquisition? Did they forget that the same catholic regime that "blessed" the Spanish invasion of Aztlan was also the same church that Torquemada was using to torture Europe into religious dominion? So it wasn't only Motecuhzoma who had perverted his own interpretation of faith to allow for a blood religion -- this Inquisition was taking place across the whole of Europe and I have no doubt the Spanish, in their blood and gold lust, were leading, by far, on that score.

So, in this, it was the Spaniards and the whole of Europe itself, through the Christian religion, as interpreted by the Roman Catholic Church, who truly embraced the culture of sacrifice, blood and torture as a religious tool. And it would be revisionist history that would allow them, for the next five centuries, to claim, with great success, that it was the Aztecs.

The Spanish Invasion of Aztlan

There were omens preceding the Spanish invasion of Aztlan. The entire Aztec empire was experiencing omens, beginning as early as ten years prior to the Spaniards' arrival at Veracruz Harbor. Even Motecuhzoma himself witnessed his destiny in the mirrored crest of a crane. Meteors were burning the night skies and women were wailing in the streets prophesying the impending doom.

The Spanish invaders would land at the coast of Veracruz on April 22, 1519. After a small battle, the Chontal Maya of the Potonchan would deliver to the Spaniards twenty female slaves -- one of these being La Malinche. This woman would guide, translate, become a companion to Cortez and bare the child that would begin the Mestizo culture and create the sangre that burns through our veins to this day.

With La Malinche leading the way, the Spaniards made their way to Tenochtitlan, pillaging and murdering along the way. They were also gathering allies in the form of disgruntled tribes which had become vindictive toward the Aztecs consolidation of the Aztec empire. These tribes included the Tlaxcaltecas and Tezcocos as well as a number of others.

With allies by his side and La Malinche leading the way, the Spaniards continued to Tenochtitlan where they planned to lay waste to the Aztec empire in the same way the Europeans would decimate the Native Americans of the "New World,"-- by using biological warfare.

Euro-centric historians would minimize this biological assault as merely an "epidemic" of small pox, but American history will validate that it was more about diseased blankets than any outbreak that may have happened. This was all meticulously planned, which included the revisionist history of mentioning this biological attack as merely an outbreak, a mere circumstance that just happened to take place at a crucial moment in history.

So these "conquistadors," these "courageous" men went forward toward their predetermined destination of Tenochtitlan with one thing on their mind‘«™ Gold! The gold lust and greed of the Spaniards, historically, is incomparable in terms of the carnage and killings that were deemed necessary by Cortez and his followers. Even the feverish screams of "Gold!" that went up in America's colonization of Native lands and the mass killings of Native Americans that followed, couldn't come near to the lust and greed and murder for which the Spaniards would become known.

Even when Cortez showed up at the gates of Tenochtitlan, and Motecuhzoma went out to greet and invite these "Gods" to sit, once again, on their throne under their canopy, the Spaniards already knew what must be done to covet the treasures they knew existed.

Another small detail that historians refuse to acknowledge is that Motecuhzoma, in his religious fanaticism, would identify these greedy invaders as the returning God Quetzolquatl and would embrace them as such. And how did these "Christians" return this show of servitude? By putting Motecuzohma under arrest and seizing his palace.

Revisionist historians would continue to offer untruths and outright lies to validate the ruthlesseness and cowardice of these intruders. They would continually tell of how the Aztecs kept "plotting" against the Spaniards when, actually, the opposite was true. It makes no sense that the Aztecs would invite the Spaniards to sit at their throne, then conspire to plot against these "Gods." It is more plausible to believe that it was the Spaniards who continually plotted against the Aztecs in order to covet their gold.

So, with every turn of kindness that the Aztecs showed toward these "Gods," the Spaniards would repay with cruelty and murder, the cruelest and most honest example would be the massacre perpetrated by Pedro de Alvarado on the Aztec priests, warriors and musicians during a celebration of non-stop dancing as is customary where song is linked to song and the dancers must continually dance with all their heart and soul.

Along with his other "Christians," Pedro de Alvarado stormed, unprovoked, into the ceremonial center and began hacking people to death. Drummers, dancers, women and men all fell to this treacherous and cowardly attack on unarmed citizens. And it was here where the battle actually began.

La Noche Triste

After the attack on the celebrants, the Spanish "conquistadors" retreated and hid in the palace where they were holding Motecuhzoma as prisoner. These Spaniards were courageous when they were fighting dancers without weapons but when the Jaguar and Eagle knights came to defend these people, the Spaniards ran and hid in the palace, cowering until Cortez returned.

When Cortez returned, he, too, would retreat to the palace. Cortez knew he was defeated and in true cowardly fashion tried to flee in the middle of the night. When he was found out, the Aztec warriors chased and killed many Spaniards and their allies. But before Cortez would flee from battle, he would administer his biological attack that would decimate the great majority of the Aztec culture and would kill almost all its leaders- he would loose the small pox virus. Again, because the Europeans were known for their use of small pox as a weapon, I will stand by my assertion that the Spanish administered small pox in some way, shape, or form.

But Cortez's cowardly escape in the middle of the night would not go unnoticed. Suddenly, Aztec warrior after Aztec warrior would appear and the Spaniards would lose all sense of camaraderie. Soon, it was every man for himself! But, being the greedy, gold-lusting Spaniards that they were, these men could not bring themselves to drop their booty of gold, and most of these "gallant" conquistadors drowned during their retreat. After the Aztecs routed the Spaniards and left them in tatters, it is said that Cortez wept like a little boy. It seems that he could mete out the killing and murders of hundreds of thousands of people but cried like a baby when it was turned on him. So is the fallacy and true legacy of the "Spanish Conquistador."

After La Noche Triste and the retreat of the Spaniards, the Aztec people began coming down with small pox symptoms and the biological assault on the People of the Sun would commence. This biological assault would decimate the population of Aztlan and would create the scenario for Cortez to return and finish his massacre of a people who had embraced him as a god.

Cortez would heal his wounds, wipe the tears from his eyes, and in eight months return to murder those who hadn't died by sickness. The Aztecs tried to defend themselves but the small pox virus had decimated its population. Many women and children would actually die of hunger because they were too weak to prepare meals to feed themselves. The small pox virus had succeeded in doing what the Spaniards could not.

The Aztec capital surrendered to Cortez on August 13, 1521.

On August 14, 1521, revisionist history would begin.

On April 28, 2014, the truth would be told. And now we know it.

?ŪQue Viva Raza!

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