SR 40 Calls for Obama to Stop Deportations

Introduced by Senator Lou Correa, the resolution calls for a more humanitarian immigration policy that keeps families together

By Armando Vasquez-Ramos
Published on LatinoLA: May 10, 2014

SR 40 Calls for Obama to Stop Deportations

The California Senate approved a senate resolution to call on President Barack Obama to stop deportations and grant protected legal status to all eligible undocumented persons who have not committed a serious criminal offense. The Senate Resolution 40 was introduced by Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana). The final vote in favor of the resolution was 27-3

In a previous statement Senator Correa encouraged his senate colleagues to endorse the resolution by calling on the Obama administration for "a more humanitarian immigration policy that keeps families together."

Immigrant rights organizations and families convened a press conference to talk about the California Senate's passage of Senate Resolution 40 and its message to President Barack Obama.

The following are excerpts of testimony by Prof. Armando Vazquez-Ramos in support of SR40, May 6, 2014 , Sacramento, Caiifornia

"Good afternoon, madam Chair and esteemed senators, my name is Armando Vazquez-Ramos, Chicano & Latino Studies professor at CSULB and one of the co?¡-founders and coordinators of the Protect Our Families and Save the Children Campaign.

As President of the California-Mexico Studies Center, I am honored to testify before you to express the utmost support for Senate Resolution 40, which calls upon President Barack Obama to expand temporary protected status to all legalization?¡ eligible immigrants through executive action.

Senate Resolution 40 calls upon President Obama to protect our families from the unprecedented family separations that have ravaged immigrant communities throughout the U.S.. due to the massive deportations that have occurred over the past five years under the Obama administration.

As in the case of temporary protection of military personnel relatives and the DACA executive order for the 'DREAMers', the president could effectively end all unnecessary deportations and immediately initiate a similar deferred action program by executive order, granting temporary protection for the hard-working undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S., other than those with a criminal record.

As you are aware, numerous other political jurisdictions have already taken bold action to approve similar resolutions, including the Los Angeles City Council introduced bv Senator Emeritus Gil Cedillo last December, the Citv of Chicago, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors, the Cities of Carson, Berkeley, Bell, Santa Ana, Cudahy, and the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education, the second largest school district in the U.S.

SR-40 addresses the principles embraced in the resolutions approved by the entities mentioned above: extend protected legal status to all legalization-eligible undocumented immigrants (other than serious criminals), initiate a legalization process through deferred action as the DACA program for 'DREAMers', and thereby end all unnecessary deportations.

Nothing could be more urgent to our immigrant communities, considering the ongoing cruelty tearing apart of our families, with over one thousand deportations per day by most estimates; over two million deportations and climbing under President Obama's tenure, and close to 500,000 U.S.-born American children that have been forced into exile with their parents in a new and equally unconstitutional version of the infamous "repatriation" campaign of the 1930's.

In the face of this humanitarian crisis of even larger proportions, and while the immigration reform process in Congress remains hopelessly stalled and held hostage bv xenophobia and partisan political calculations. President Obama must act.

We are confident that you are in agreement that now is the time to act to protect immigrant families and U.S.-born citizen children, by the executive action and administrative relief that SR-40 calls upon President Obama to exercise."

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