Bullied 8-Year-Old Girl Loses Teeth; School Does Nothing

All the parents want is for the school to acknowledge what happened and to implement a real anti-bullying program at the school

By Wendy Carrillo,
Published on LatinoLA: May 10, 2014

Bullied 8-Year-Old Girl Loses Teeth; School Does Nothing

Originally published at Republished by permission.

Sharing a story that the English news media needs to pick up. This is a severe case of school bullying that needs to be brought into the limelight and involves an 8yr old girl who had her teeth knocked out and the school has yet to DO ANYTHNG about it.

WATCH THE REPORT: VIDEO in SPANISH: Francisco Ugalde from Univision reported on May 7, 2014

In the video, Karla Covarrubias shares what happened to her at Gates Street Elementary in Lincoln Heights on April 25, 2014.

"The other day that my parents brought me lunch," she says. "One of the girls told me I eat like a pig, and that's when everyone started poking fun."

But according to Francisco, this has been escalating because of prior events.

Karla shares:

"She wanted me to buy her a bag of cookies but I didn't have money. I told her I didn't have money and that besides; I didn't have to buy it. I then turned around and that's when she pushed me."

According to the video, the dentist states that Karla has suffered from bone fractures, lost two permanent teeth and four more are in danger of being lost.

On the verge of tears, the mother says, "One day she didn't want to go to school and she wanted to die. I felt bad, horrible."

The father shares, "I told the director that I want to talk to him, but he said he doesn't have time, he says he has meetings with the students. And he never has time to face the problem that happened."

Karla Covarrubias is only 8 years old and in 2nd grade. She is currently in treatment with a psychologist to cope with the anxiety and depression.

All the parents want is for the schools to acknowledge what happened and to implement a real anti-bullying program at the school.

According to the reporter, Univision contacted LAUSD and they made no comment but are "reviewing the case."

To call Gates Street Elementary Contact: 323-225-9574

To contact LAUSD: School Board Member Monica Garcia: 213-241-6180

Since this post, I've personally contacted the office of Monica Garcia and they assured me personally that they are on it.

Please do your part and contact news media and let them know they need to cover this story:
CBS2 / KCAL9: Email
NBC4 Los Angeles: 818-684-3425
KTLA5 Los Angeles: 323-460-5333
ABC7 Los Angeles: 818-863-7777
Fox11 Los Angeles: 310-584-2369

Watch the video:


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