The Democrat's Left-Wing Conspiracy

Repulsive mutterings intent on destruction of the Bush presidency

By Fernando Oaxaca
Published on LatinoLA: September 20, 2003

The Democrat's Left-Wing Conspiracy

"This is an administration which has moved in a way we have not seen any administration since Nixon to abuse executive authority to scheme, manipulate, intimidate and maneuver." - General Wesley Clark, 9/19/3

"?tries not to look like a Serial Exaggerator?," - Alexis Simendinger, National Journal, on PBS, 9/19/3

"In delivering a different message depending on what day of the week it is, the administration is shredding whatever remains of its credibility on Iraq." - Los Angeles Times, 9/19/3

"President Bush is asking Congress for $80 (sic) billion to help rebuild Iraq; and when you make out that check, remember there are two L's in Halliburton." - David Letterman, CBS, 9/18/3

"One invades Iraq because one needed a war. The administration recited the 'war on terror' mantra as a pretext for doing something that its intellectuals had wanted to do for years." - Chicago Sun Times 9/19/3

"There was no imminent threat. This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud, Bush officials employed distortion, misrepresentation, a selection of intelligence, to justify the war." - Senator Ted Kennedy 9/19/3;

"This President has to lead and he is not leading. He?s a miserable failure on this issue and he must be replaced in the election." - Congressman Dick Gephardt, 9/4/03)

"And I've just about concluded that the real problem may be the president himself and that next year we ought to fire him and get a new one." - Vice President Al Gore 8/7/3

"We need a regime change in the United States." - Senator John Kerry, 04/6/03

"He is a complete, unadulterated phony." - Senator John Edwards, 6/26/03

"Democrat Eyes Potential Grounds for Bush Impeachment" - Reuters headline on remarks by Senator Bob Graham, 7/17/3

"Let us hope that our democracy will survive these nonstop foulings of the nest." - Norman Mailer, 7/17/3, on the President?s carrier landing on the Abraham Lincoln.

"There is a powerful disdain for the Bush administration, stoked by the aftermath of the war in Iraq and the continuing lag in the economy." - New York Times, 8/4/3

"No one should question the radical scope of the threat posed by this administration. Its foreign policy is driven by neoconservative zealots who openly proclaim the desire for an American Empire?" - Jesse Jackson, 6/4/3

"Our flag has been waving, it seems, in servicing a regime change significantly benefiting U.S. corporations," - Sean Penn, NYT ad, 5/30/3

And on and on it goes. Current and past Democrat and left-wing inspired sound bites bestrew the American landscape. Like shiny, malodorous little mounds of hate and contempt, these repulsive mutterings are scattered all over the Democrat political barnyard, dropped by an incredible variety of focused players, intent on destruction of the Bush presidency.

From a few hours after Election Night, 2000, an unwavering left-wing conspiracy began. It involved an unprincipled campaign of defamation and the discrediting of George W. Bush,. The messages were not complex. Their content merely had to be fed into the existing Democrat machinery staffed by Clinton debtors like Terry MacAuliffe and former staff Clintonistas, like Gore, Albright, Berger, Carville, Begala, etc., all unemployed by the Bush victory of November, 2000.

The conspiracy did not require meetings or cell gatherings. Its "members" were anxious and ready. For years the intelligentsia, the media left, Democrat elected officials, local apparatchiks and the liberal "entertainment" world had sucked from the nourishing bottle of eight years of Clinton/Gore. Prior to that, they had endured 20 years of exile from the White House, except for the single term of the pious, strange little peanut farmer from Plains; who was not their kind of guy. Now they saw a comeback.

Their undeclared participation in the left-wing conspiracy born in late 2000 was natural and unplanned. It was instinctive, like a hyena cub tearing into its first carrion. But it was, nevertheless, a real conspiracy.

These were not paranoid ramblings of a straying President?s ambitious spouse, concerned about the destruction of years of planning for a political future. This was not the mythical creation of a mainstream media, inventing a right-wing bugaboo in trying to justify the missteps of their man from Hope, Arkansas. This time, in 2003, what we see is not mythical.

We are seeing this year, widely dispersed, almost all elements of the national left-wing, engaged in an unprecedented tsunami of hate, hypocrisy, and tasteless invective directed personally at President George W. Bush and at everything his Administration is doing or planning to do. Even the most pessimistic GOP observers could not have predicted the nastiness of the Democrat?s and the left?s seemingly coordinated exploitation of the War on Terror as the take-off point for the attack on Mr. Bush in the presidential campaign of 2004.

The euphoric national unity and surging patriotism in the aftermath of his superb handling of the horror of 9/11 immediately drove the President?s approval ratings and public support through the roof. Seemingly forgotten was the contentious election of 2000. When he decided to take on Al Queda in the Taliban caves and shelters of Afghanistan the support for the President held but we saw the first signs of left-wing opportunistic rumblings, mostly of an anti-war nature. The Democrat presidential wanna-be?s of 2003 were, in 2002, still politically invisible, asleep or trying to rustle up the courage to confront "W" on whatever they thought might stick.

The intra-left-wing communication probably began as Mr. Bush also started to rack up domestic policy victories and his popularity seemed to be in crescendo with the American people. His "No Child Left Behind" education reform promise was kept, his tax cut promises were kept, he began his "faith-based" programs, he declared his intent on Social Security reform. Even as he lost some, his legislative initiatives all seemed to coincide with his pre-election declared intentions.

And for sure, his personal deportment and that of his staff and his family presence did, as promised, return a "new dignity and honor" to the White House. To the growing dismay and concern of his natural enemies in politics and media, even his critical promise of "changing the tone in Washington" seemed to be happening. The first inklings of "trouble" began to penetrate the Democrats. This presumably under-achieving cowboy, an ex-Governor of a cowboy state, Texas, just might be re-elected to a second term! We can?t let that happen!

Then came Iraq, juxtaposed on an earlier than normal set of 2004 presidential primaries. The decision to first aggressively confront Saddam Hussein last year was perhaps the linchpin whose removal began the unofficial left-wing and Democrat conspiracies that degraded into the vicious attacks on Mr. Bush of today.

In frustration from United Nations hesitation, waffling and endless debate on "resolutions", the President made his serious intentions clear to the world that we, alone, if necessary, or with "willing allies", would invade Iraq if Saddam continued his game of WMD hide and seek.

The stream of new American armed assets moving to the Middle East removed any question about a Bush bluff. The U.S. left-wing, a bit scared by Mr. Bush?s continuing public support, piled on the resulting European name-calling of Mr. Bush. Decrying his "unilateralism" was the norm; "cowboy" became the most prevalent epithet.

And the pious and "concerned" op-eds began to appear almost daily in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the LA Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and in the biased periodicals like The Nation. On Iraq, all preached caution, avoidance of violence, more "consultation" and other accoutrements of appeasement. The conspiracy to cut Bush down, organized and disorganized, quickly subsumed this set of themes.

Some Lilliputian efforts at the time now seem almost silly. Mostly forgotten are the Congressional Baghdad boys, Bonior and McDermott, trashing Mr. Bush?s intent while on foreign soil, salving Saddam?s fears. The know-nothings like Sean Penn and miscellaneous Hollywoody intellectual whiners and appeasers, even the "human shields" welcomed into Iraq by Saddam, all seemed oblivious to and undeterred by their ignorance of the danger to U.S. national security Mr. Bush was dealing with.

But deal with it he did. In weeks, our magnificent armed forces, aided by a brave set of Allies, controlled Iraq. Saddam's statues were tumbled and dozens of his top people, including his genocidal sons, were dead or captive. The reconstruction of Iraq is now in full swing, achieving unsung progress, progress concealed by a deceptive left-wing media.

Today, the Democrat primary campaign is also in full swing. Some of the quotes at the start of this article display the venality and desperation of the ten under-qualified candidates, dreaming of a Clintonistic future. But they know they must confront the Bush achievements under fire, his promises kept, his courage, integrity and dedication to the national interest. Their weapon of choice? Personal destruction.

Yet, unabashed and unashamed, the "teeny ten" and their enablers in the Senate, Democrats ex-Presidents, media, academia, and the "entertainment" world, are all busily conspiring for the coveted Democrat return to power. For some, the destruction of Mr. Bush is ideologically driven, electoral politics is secondary.

But that desttruction will not happen. Honesty will prevail over lies and fabrication. Morality will triumph over intellectual corruption. Hopefully, sensible and principled Democrats will also work to stop the vilification of the Presidency and defuse the ongoing undermining of the war effort globally and in Iraq. Our soldiers are still in deadly harm's way.

Wiser Democrats must realize that the ideological attacks emanating from the cited conspiracy have consequences, giving the enemy the heart to continue to fight and kill Americans. Our people are dying from the actions of a morally encouraged enemy whose stated goal is to drive us to give up from frustration, to abandon Iraq and the Middle East. How incredibly sad that the pre-eminent goal of most left-wing Democrats, of senselessly bringing our soldiers home, coincides with that of America's enemies!

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