TOP Ten Signs your Latino Mother's Day was a Disaster

Not looking forward to Father's Day, either

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: May 12, 2014

TOP Ten Signs your Latino Mother's Day was a Disaster

10. You are at ER getting a chancla surgically removed.

9. Your Primo got slapped by the Priest for freestyle rapping Grace.

8. You brought Tamales from Walmart and tried to pass them off as homemade.

7. You burnt a Tortilla and the burn marks looked just like your Mother-in-Law.

6. The men cooked 80 pounds of beef, no rice, beans, plates, forks, chips, napkins..

5. Your present was any kind of exercise device.

4. Somehow. the dinner conversation came around to feet aliments.

3. Tried to take a huge plate home and your T?¡a sucker punched you.

2. Someone parked a Harley on the lawn, now there is a mark. (Don't hate)

1. Hired Mariachi for 200 bucks .... they drank 900 bucks worth of beer.

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