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Willie and Sheila's European Adventure, Part 6

Last day in Venezia: Fiesta, opera and spectacular views

By Willie Qui??ones
Published on LatinoLA: June 9, 2014

Willie and Sheila's European Adventure, Part 6

Today we hit the road again and sadly left beautiful Venezia behind. On our last evening there we enjoyed two great things. First of all the Fiesta of Saint Mark the patron saint of Venice was in full swing. The town was full of flag waving locals, some in period costumes, in celebration of the event. The burgundy and gold flags with a large Griffin on them were also waving from buildings all over town. Apparently there appeared to have been a big celebration held in Saint Marks Square as well. We just missed it but did see hundreds of flag waving and flag draped partiers all over. (See picture of the remnants of the occasion).

The second great thing we experienced was a concert. It was held in a great old palace just off the big square (there are dozens of smaller squares) and it was a medley of greatest hits. Greatest opera hits that is. They were sung by a soprano and a tenor that took turns singing and were accompanied by a lady playing the grand piano. The acoustics were fantastic in one of the many halls of the palace and the songs included Figaro, Don Giovani, Ave Maria, the Barber of Seville, Granada, Carmen and several more. I know it's not rock 'n' roll or the Blues but it still gave me goose bumps because the arias were so beautiful. Great stuff!

I then climbed (modern elevator) the tall bell tower (Sheila chickened out) for awesome vistas of the whole town from that spectacular vantage point. Meantime while I was busy gawking at the views, Sheila was being hit on by a couple of Italian lotharios down on the square. Man, I came down just in time before she succumbed to their smooth moves.

After we left Venice we picked up our car and drove 4 hours past Bologna, Ferrari and Florence to reach our current location in the Tuscan town of Siena. Tomorrow we hope to explore this hilly area of Tuscany called Chianti.

To be continued.

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