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Willie and Sheila's European Adventure Part 9

We finally hit a flat plain and a straight road where I could tromp the pedal and put our little Opel up to 130 KPH

By Willie Qui??ones, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: June 24, 2014

Willie and Sheila's European Adventure Part 9

Hello Again,

We got to Toulon so late and it was so difficult to find our hotel that we just had a late snack and turned in for some much needed rest. We also planned to get an early start on our next leg, which will take us on the direction of Paris. It is too long a distance to make it to Paris in one day so we will find us a place in between that might be of interest.

Leaving the coast, we skirted Marseille before turning north to head for Paris. After leaving the town of Toulon we traveled in the Rhone River valley towards Lyon. It was gorgeous as we traveled on the flat plain between two mountain ranges, the Alps and the Central-Massive. We followed the Rhone River to a small town named Macon where we spent the night. That small town is just past the very pretty but huge town of Lyon that sits along the big wide Rhone and which is located in the prime wine country area known as Bourgogne (Burgundy).

We were making good time because we finally hit a flat plain and a straight road where I could tromp the pedal and put our little Opel up to 130 KPH. We turned on some good ol' down-home country music on my iPod and cruised. After a while we pulled off the road when we got to the little town of Beaune where we spent about three hours strolling the quaint winding streets and enjoying the calming atmosphere. While there we visited the ancient Hotel Dieu Hospital (1450) and Notre Dame du Beune church where I lit a candle to the Virgin Mary and said a little prayer so she could continue to bring her blessings to all our loved ones and us.

Back on the road we drove the very green French countryside in some showers until we reached the town of Auxerre, which is on the banks of the nice sized Yonne River. We got to our hotel then strolled the town where we bought some inexpensive Camembert cheese and an 85-cent crusty baguette for our dinner. Down for the night we are now about 100 miles from Paris where we will return our car at the airport tomorrow and take the train into central Paris to our hotel on the Left Bank of the River Seine.

To be continued...

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