Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation

Virginia was abducted in Guadalajara, Mexico

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: June 28, 2014

Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation

Virginia Isaias and her daughter were abducted on the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico . She was sold into prostitution. She tried to escape three times but each time was caught and beaten. For three years she was a victim of Human Trafficking. She finally escaped and was reunited with her daughter.

I met Virginia through a good friend; I was struck by her positive attitude. She is a Phenomenal Woman.

She is the Founder of Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation in Santa Ana, Ca.
She provides, shelter, food, clothing and other services to survivors of Human Trafficking. As well as rescuing victims.

And providing services to victims of domestic violence her goal is to end violence and human trafficking.

Virginia gives her all to the Foundation and to helping people.

Breaking the Silence:

Mission to assist all persons who are or have been victims of human trafficking in the areas ofWoman's rights advocacy and education. Teenage sexuality and youth Violence, Legal counseling, Asylum and immigration, relocation and witness Protection, individual therapy and family counseling, Community Support from other victims. Personal life training, employment and special integration.

Who we serve: Human Trafficking is a complex and multifaceted issue that is not always sexual and does not exclusively affect women, although the United Nations reports that 2.4 million people world wide are exploited as victims of sexual or labor exploitation and that 80% of them are women, such estimates are underrepresented of the actual numbers and demographics.

Thus, while our main demographic tends to be women Fundacion de Sobrevivientes de Trafico Humano believes in maintaining an open criteria impartial to sexual orientation gender class or disability.

Objectives FSTH seeks too create a space of dialogue & empowerment for victims of Human Trafficking, Mobilize against the silencing of women under repressed minority populations. Advocate Grassroots Trafficking prevention; establish community outreach projects, Host conferences, workshops and working groups to help raise awareness of violence. Create a dialogue between the university and communities afflicted by trafficking. To establish a center for clinical and social research into issues of sexual abuse, forced labor and other modes of corporal exploitation.

Who we are: We are a Foundation that advocates public awareness of modern modes of Human slavery as well as a democratically engaged community activism and social responsibility towards exposing and mitigating the effects of violence against silenced persons, both domestically and internationally. In its diverse forms as a non profit organization. We believe that essential services should be made available to the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged sectors of our communities. Which is why we have established relations with professionals in our communities in providing medical psychological legal and education services. We are also open to new and innovative projects and encourage grassroots and initiatives and creativity.

For more information or to get involved contact Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation/ Fundacion de Sobrevivientes del Trafico Humano.

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