The Surname Bobadilla

From La Rioja to Jalisco

By John P. Schmal
Published on LatinoLA: July 21, 2014

The Surname Bobadilla

The surname Bobadilla is a surname that has been prominent in the Mexican state of Jalisco since the capital city of Guadalajara was first established in 1542. According to Richard D. Woods and Grace Alvarez-Altman, "Spanish Surnames in the Southwestern United States: A Dictionary," the double suffix added to "boba" means a small but at the same time great foolishness, or suggests an individual who is large physicially but has few brains.

It has been suggested that this could be the name given for a misunderstanding between two families that was caused by an annoyance but had lasting consequences. The Spanish-English dictionary defines "bobada" as a silly thing or stupid talk, and the adverb "bobamente" means stupidly or naively.

Origins in La Rioja

Although Bobadilla became a fairly common surname in Espa??a over time, its origin appears to be in Rioja. In fact, there is a small municipio called Bobadilla that is presently located by the River Tovia in the western part of the present province of La Rioja. Rioja is a very small autonomous community and a province of northern Spain. Its capital is Logro??o and the small province is nestled between five other provinces, including Burgos (to the west), Navarra (to the east) and Zaragoza (to the southeast). During the Middle Ages, Logro??o (as La Rioja was known then) frequently found itself in the middle of disputes between the Kings of Navarra and Castilla.

The specific origin of the surname Bobadilla has been obscured by time, but it appears that that several individuals from the area of Bobadilla carried some form of the surname with them to other areas of the province or the country. One of the earliest families that is known to have come from this area is "Fern?ndez de Bobadilla" family. The progenitor of this branch was Juan Fern?ndez de Bobadilla, who was a native and resident of Bobadilla itself, hence the surname.

The Surname Spreads

Over time, the surname spread to Castila, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. Several Bobadilla's were granted noble status. For example, on May 9, 1520, the King of Spain made Don Fernando de Cabrera y Bobadilla the Earl of Chinch??n. The "Diccionario Her?ldico y Geneal??gico de Apellidos Espa??oles y Americanos" actually dedicates 103 pages to Bobadilla's many Spanish branches, which are too numerous to discuss in this work. However, interested persons can access this information at the following website, which has reproduced the information from the Diccionario:

Bobadillas Arrive in the Americas

With the migration of Spaniards to the Americas in the Sixteenth Century, several Bobadillas are known to have embarked to the New World. In April 1535, Francisco de Bobadilla, a resident of Ubeda (a city in Ja?n in Spain's south) left for the Americas. In February 1538, Alonso de Bobadilla left the Villa of Bobadilla for a life in the New World.

On May 6, 1592, one Maria de Bobadilla, a native of Alfaro and the daughter of Juan de Bobadilla and Catalina L??pez, began her trip to Nueva Espa??a as the "criada de Francisco D?az de Arvizu." The "Cat?logo de Pasjeros a Indias" also records the voyage of at least two Bobadilla's to Peru during the Sixteenth Century.

The Bobadillas of Jalisco

The first known Bobadilla to arrive in Jalisco was Pedro Bobadilla, from Extremadura, an autonomous community of western Spain. Pedro Bobadilla has been described as the "conquistador de Jamaica" who came to both Nueva Espa??a and Nueva Galicia. He was married to Maria and was one of the first 63 founders of Guadalajara in 1542, according to Jos? Jose Maria Muria and Jaime Olveda's 1991 publication about the City.

Pedro was also the first to die in the newly-established parish. Pedro's son, Francisco Bobadilla is also listed as an early resident of Guadalajara. Since the 1540's, the surname Bobadilla has spread from Guadalajara to many parts of the State of Jalisco, but it appears to be most prevalent in the following communities:

Tlajomulco de Zuniga
Zacoalco de Torres
Ahualulco de Mercado

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John P. Schmal is a genealogist, historian and market analyst. A graduate of Loyola-Marymount University, he has been writing short histories of each of the Mexican states.
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