Support the 2015 Calendar of Revolt!

IndieGoGo campaign hopes to create a unique, history-minded calendar

By Gabriel San Roman
Published on LatinoLA: July 12, 2014

Support the 2015 Calendar of Revolt!

"It's no mystery why they conceal our people's history."

For years on KPFK public radio in Los Angeles, I ended a popular little segment deemed "The Subversive Historian" with that catchy line. Under the moniker, I brought listeners in Southern California quick shots of forbidden pasts throughout work week morning commutes be it of slave rebellions, labor strikes and peace activism.

Now with the immense conceptual and artistic talents of Carla Zarate, I hope to bring the Subversive Historian out of the archival airwaves and into your kitchens or workspace--anywhere a thumbtack can hang up a calendar. To that end, in early June, Carla and I launched an IndieGoGo crowd sourcing campaign seeking funds to bring the "Calendar of Revolt" to life.

With only a week left to go, we've been heartened by the response and contributions we received so far. But we still have a long way to travel in a short amount of time.

The Calender of Revolt is a project based on the Subversive Historian radio series. Its idea is simple: capture resistance history in 12 stunning images and fill every single box in the 365-day year with a reminder that somewhere on someday something happened to help shape us as the people we are today.

From Martin Luther King Jr. to the Haymarket Riot, from remembering slain journalist Ruben Salazar to the Stonewall rebellion, the Calendar of Revolt attempts to capture it all.

But it can't happen. Not without the support of all like minded people like you! With that, Carla and I invite readers to learn more by heading over to www.indiegogo.com You can also keep tabs on developments on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/calendarofrevolt

We await your contribution in helping us make a little history!

About Gabriel San Roman:
Gabriel San Roman is a writer/reporter with OC Weekly and author of "Venceremos: Victor Jara and the New Chilean Song Movement" published by PM Press
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