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Willie and Sheila's European Adventure-Epilogue

It's always fun, interesting and very enlightening to visit other lands

By Willie Qui??ones, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: July 17, 2014

Willie and Sheila's European Adventure-Epilogue

Hello one last time,

We are home now, and using an old clich?®ÔǪIt's good to be back home again![/b] We are glad because of many reasons-but most of all because we missed our home. It's always fun, interesting and very enlightening to visit other lands, but at the same time no matter how beautiful a place's not home.

As I mentioned in one of my reports in comparing the Italians and French, I said..."the French are so civilized". Well, Americans are more civilized than either one. Americans are more polite, friendly and courteous. And for sure America has better drivers because of those three traits. Plus our food in the states is infinitely better because of the price, sheer variety available, the amount of ingredients in the dishes and the greater innovation of our chefs as well.

That being said, it was a wonderful experience and we will cherish the memories of our 10th anniversary trip forever. The French countryside with its fields full of vineyards and yellow mustard plants, the rolling hills of Tuscany where ancient towns go back to the age of Caesar and the Roman Legions, the majestic Swiss and French Alps and the rugged Mediterranean coast were all sights we dreamt of seeing in our wishes. But all in all, if there are two places I would recommend for anybody's bucket list---they would be Paris and Venice.

In both places the main attraction is the city itself. For sure there are many museums and attractions to be seen and enjoyed, but make no mistake...the city is the star. Both are different as night and day. Venice is small, quaint, with narrow streets, big and small canals filled with boats and gondolas, dozens of bridges, small offshore islands, and the waters of the Adriatic Sea all around. Whereas Paris is big, with wide busy avenues, open spaces, countless museums, monuments, stores, parks, palaces, churches, restaurants, bistros, metro stations, hundreds of sidewalk caf?®s of all sizes and the beautiful River Seine running through it. However, both are similar places in that you should walk or stroll them to better enjoy their considerable charm.

I want to thank you all for letting me express my thoughts and share my observations with you. I especially want to thank those of you that provided me with feedback and encouragement. I hope you all enjoyed this old traveler's ramblings.

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