Child Refugees

It is not an invasion nor are they a threat to national security

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: July 20, 2014

Child Refugees

What are we going to do with all the child refugees crossing the border of Mexico into the U.S.

It's not an invasion, or are these children in any way a threat to National security.
These children are coming here for a reason. They are fleeing risking their lives, they are being used and abused and in grave danger in their own country.

And now the people of the U. S, wants to send them back to their countries.

Knowing what danger these children face every day,

If they were refugees from any other country they would not be treated like this.

And the hate and bigotry and prejudice that Americans are displaying is embarrassing they are immigrants to because every one is an immigrant in this country.

Everyone can do something to help, donate money, food, supplies, clothes. Churches, community centers can offer a place to stay...

Help find the relatives the families of these women and children, give the women work permits to go to work and provide a decent living for themselves and their children.

I can't believe that Congress and the other branches of the government can not find a humane solution.

Consult with Amnesty International, Human rights organizations. I bet they could help a great deal.

And the people already here working contributing, paying taxes, give them work permits and stop persecuting them.

The lack of apathy and concern for these children is unbelievable.

It's so disturbing , what the government does. And we allow it.

U.S. aid to Israel three billion a year .
20+ Billion in subsidies to corporations
1.5 trillion for a F-35 fighter jet .


No lo puedo crere. Como es posible que la gente no se una para ayudar a estos ninos. es nuestra gente nuestros ni??os.

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