Israel's Right to Exist

A question of biblical proportions

By Edie J. Adler
Published on LatinoLA: July 21, 2014

Israel's Right to Exist

If an intruder came into your property and threatened your family, would you do everything in your power to protect them? Imagine for a moment that for whatever reason Canada decided to launch a missile into the United States. What do you think would happen? How would we react? Would the world demand that the United States practice restraint?

What would happen if Belize or Guatemala launched an attack on Mexico and Mexico defended itself? Would the UN accuse Mexico of overreacting? Please be honest with yourself when you answer these questions. No one in their right mind would expect a sovereign country to remain inactive on the face of an attack on its territory and citizens. Why is it different for Israel? Why is Israel expected to do nothing when her land and her people are relentlessly attacked?

Since the modern state of Israel was established in 1948, it has been the target of continuous attacks by it's Arab neighbors; in fact, after Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948, it was immediately attacked by five of it's Arab neighbors. To everyone's surprise the tiny country was able not only to defend itself, but to defeat the enemy. Israel also gained control of some territory that had been granted to Palestinian Arabs during the UN resolution in 1947.

Every war that Israel has been involved in since 1948 has been forced upon them. The Middle East conflict is nothing new. Although it seems to me, that in recent history, the hatred of Israel has intensified. Palestinian terrorists have launched literally thousands of attacks on Israel from Gaza since 2001. As of July 10th, 2014 these attacks have injured thousands of people and killed almost 30, mostly civilians. The injuries are not only physical. The relentless attacks have created a widespread psychological trauma, along with the disruption of daily life among the population in Israel. Medical studies conducted in Sderot, the closest city to the Gaza Strip, demonstrate an incidence of "post-traumatic stress disorder" among Israeli children, as well as high rates of depression and even miscarriages in young Israeli mothers.

But the mainstream media won't show you pictures of this. They won't show you thousands of people chanting "death to all Jews" and little Palestinian kids, as young as 3 years old, parading with explosive belts strapped around their tiny waists, yearning to become suicide bombers, taking as many Jewish lives as possible.

Israel's enemies do not care about life; they do not care about their children. In fact they hide behind their citizens and use them as human shields. Even the UN admits they have found missile launching pads in schools and civilian neighborhoods.

HAMAS is responsible for the death of Palestinian children, not the Jews! HAMAS started this war, and when Egypt negotiated the latest cease fire, it was HAMAS the one who decided to continue the attack on Israel, even after they proclaimed to agree to it!

Israel warns Palestinians when they plan a defensive tactic. They even phone them to alert them to leave their neighborhoods, and then they drop a marker on the potential target to further alert civilians. It is HAMAS who prevent their own people from evacuating. You see, they need those pictures of injured and dead children. They know they cannot win a military war against Israel, so they are determined to win the war of propaganda!

It is nearly impossible to know how one would react to living under constant threat, but if you want to get a glimpse into Israeli daily life these days, your iPhone can help. Download the free app "Red Alert Israel" - an app created to warn Israelis of impending missile attacks. Then every time your cellphone alarm goes off, imagine having to run into a bomb shelter for cover. My alarm goes off a few times an hour. I don't know how I would function if I lived in my beloved Holy Land right now!

This is truly a war between good and evil. Of course, not all Israelis are good, and not all Palestinians are bad. But those who seek the annihilation of an entire people have to have the essence of evil in their soul. Tell me, please tell me why this is so difficult to understand!

To paraphrases Golda Meir, the conflict in the Middle East will end when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate the Jews.

About Edie J. Adler:
Edie J is a wife, actress, author, animal lover, Alzheimer's disease advocate who lives with husband Neal, their 6 dogs, 4 cats, 3 birds, 1 turtle, 1 frog in the Valley
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