Nat Geo Mundo Presents LimoMasters

New original series features real-life transformers who convert everyday cars into luxury limos

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: September 29, 2014

Nat Geo Mundo Presents LimoMasters

Transforming cars into limos is not as easy as Optimus Prime makes it look. Erick Quintana and his team of builders work hard to convert everyday vehicles into not only luxury limos, but rolling offices, bars and just about anything else you can think of. Join Nat Geo Mundo as they follow the staff of Anaheim-based Limos by Moonlight as they juggle unexpected difficulties, tight deadlines and family problems clashing at the most inopportune moments.

Premiering on October 4 at 9PM ET/PT on Nat Geo Mundo, the eight-part series heats up as Limos by Moonlight takes on picky clientele and unexpected challenges that result in the most jaw-dropping limos. We join Erick the "boss," Jaime the "manager," Jesus the "right hand man," Paola the "designer," Carlos the "welder," and Vivian the "assistant," as they tackle larger than life transformations.

The team brings together unmatched technical knowledge with flawless design and expertise to build the most outrageous creations, catering to clients with particular requests from all over the world, including a family-fitting hearse to accommodate the Japanese tradition of family riding in the same car as the coffin, and a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon that came straight from the set of the movie "Fast & Furious 6" and became a luxury limo with jet doors gracing the streets of LA and Dubai. Dream as big and luxurious as you like, and the LimoMasters will make all your vehicle fantasies come true.

In addition to turning standard cars into elaborate works of stretched metal art, the team at LimoMasters also has to manage the office and family dynamic in the process. Everyone has to overcome different challenges and struggles, but, at the end of the day, they come together to get the job done. Join the ride as the squad welds, paints, and sows their way to creating the most unique limos around.

Episodes include:

R?ípido y Lujoso, October 4
In the first episode, the team makes over a movie star: the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon that was featured in "Fast & Furious 6," The original car was delivered with a missing dashboard, a support pillar that was cut, and a broken water pump. On top of this, Erick chose this limo as the one he will take to the International Limousine show in Las Vegas, giving the team a very tight deadline. In order to have it ready in time, the team will need to work long hours and get creative to fix all the unexpected issues. Can the team get it all done in time for the Vegas event?

Al Estilo Australiano, October 13
As if cutting up cars and putting them back together wasn't hard enough, Erick and his team face a new challenge in this episode--to work backwards while stretching an Australian Hummer H2. The Hummer at first glance, is a Hummer as any that the team has changed, however this car is a little different. It is designed with the steering wheel on the right side. Furthermore, with any foreign car come foreign regulations. As the squad is hard at work figuring this job out, Erick's assistant who runs the office quits unexpectedly. Now, on top of a difficult client order, Erick has to go through the arduous process of hiring a new assistant without whom the shop is falling behind. Will the stress of this complicated build and a new hire drive Erick to the edge?

Tacones de Acero, October 20
Just when the team thinks they are going to have a simple job, it turns into a nightmare from the first step. As the build gets close to the finish line, Erick and his team are faced with an unexpected deadline, a Freon issue, problems with the paint, all while Vivian can't find parts needed. In the meantime, Erick Jr. asks his dad to borrow a limousine to take on a paintball trip with his friends, which leads to a small incident that makes Erick Sr. very unhappy. Will Erick and the team, be able to deliver this Cadillac on time? Will Vivian survive her first week on the job and what will Erick Jr. have to do to regain his father's trust?

Join Nat Geo Mundo on Saturdays, starting October 4 as LimoMasters take a new spin on limo customization, creating never-before-seen vehicular masterpieces.

LimoMasters is produced by Natural 9 Entertainment for National Geographic Channel. Executive producers are Carol Sherman and Jeff Androsky, and show's creator Phil Viardo. Co-executive producer is Patrick Taulere. For Fox International Channels, executive producer is Rossy Eguigure, director of production is Juana Maria Torres, director of production and programming is Veronica Montali and vice president of programming and production is Carmen Larios. For National Geographic Channels standards and practices / senior director is Vilma Linares, standards and practices / investigations is Maria Rivas and senior production manager is Marjolaine Souquet.

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