The Story of a 22-Year-Old Latino Entrepreneur

Why does the world need Borderland Man?

By Ector Joel Acosta
Published on LatinoLA: October 20, 2014

The Story of a 22-Year-Old Latino Entrepreneur

This young author could be the hero the Borderland needs in a time of Immigration Crisis and chaos in Mexico. Acosta is definitely the positive role model that society lacks today. By the age of 21 he built great momentum and is now the first Mexican to have appeared in so many publications by the age of 22.

Most recently and most notable Hispanic Business Magazine... In case you don't know who that is. LBA Media-Partner Hispanic Business Magazine won the prestigious Maggie Award for "Best Business and Financial Magazine". They are syndicated by the New York Times Company. For more than 25 years, Hispanic Business has led the market in delivering the Hispanic market.

Ector Joel Acosta takes us through the life of a young Hispanic boy living on the border between Texas and Mexico in his debut novel "Rise of the Borderland Man."

The semi-fictional book centers on the character Ector, a young Hispanic boy living in El Paso, Texas, a city on the Rio Grande located across the border from one of the most violent cities in Juarez, Mexico. This young entrepreneur is using art as a weapon against violence in his community. The book narrates Ector's attempt to escape street violence and poverty in his neighborhood after being shot and left for dead by a gang.

Mr. Acosta, just 22-years-old, studies biochemistry and physics at the University of Texas at El Paso and is a local actor, but says writing has always been a passion of his. His influence to write "Rise of the Borderland Man" came from experiencing many of the issues affecting the area while raised there. He was brought up by his single mother and two older sisters after his father went to prison for a drug conviction. Although the novel is fiction, many of the events written are based on Mr. Acosta's own experiences and include historical moments such as President Barack Obama's speech on immigration in 2011 and the demolition of the El Paso City Hall.

The book deals with issues such as bullying, gang violence, and the lack of role models. Mr. Acosta also dedicated his book to women who are the victims of abuse in the city of Juarez. "This book also speaks about the problems of the violence and neglect of vulnerable children and women in Mexico, which is what the Borderland is in the novel, where thousands of women have been found murdered over the last decade, and neglected or cast out children are to be found in the border towns that are so pitiful that they break your hearts with their life stories," Mr. Acosta said.

I would like to note that I predicted my success in the book. I wrote that I would appear in newspapers, and become a model. soon after I did just that. Among other things that I fulfilled after writing.

As a citizen on the Borderland I know that Hispanics would love to see a film based on life on the border. Examine this quote from the following article:

"You would think that with Hispanics being so powerful in terms of spending that there would be a Latin superhero by now. You'd think Marvel would say, 'Super Charro is here! Come see him fight against the bad guys!'"


BORDERLAND MAN IS A SUPERHERO - the character embodies virtue.

The cover itself won a national award meaning that The Borderland Man is marketable. Many Borderland citizens have purchased my book. The cover is an instant attention grabber especially to youth. I tell you all of this as an educated Hispanic. Examine this final quote. "The findings make Latinos the most marginalized group among American moviegoers because they represent 16% of the U.S. population and purchase a quarter of all movie tickets, the researchers said." There are big issues addressed in Rise. George Lopez the comedian even got a copy. This book is the voice of Latino Culture!

I present you with this story because I hope that you will see my vision and see the potential for a box office hit book-to-film adaptation. I know that Latinos everywhere would love to see this film. Beyond that, people of all diversity. Overall I hope that my story is able to inspire all of the youth of the world.

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About Ector Joel Acosta:
Ector Joel Acosta has outstanding achievements and continued commitment to the youth community in El Paso via his creative talents and relentless ambition. Recently, he has gained media attention from the release of his novel, Rise of the Borderland Man.
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