News from the Brown Side of Town

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By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: November 17, 2014

News from the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, Mi Gente! It's been a minute or two, huh?

First and foremost, I wish to thank all the Gente who have sent well wishes, love & support following the recent losses of my family members, and my recent surgery. Thanks to social media and the World Wide Web, I received love & support from different parts of the World these past couple of months...I was truly touched!

Speaking of the World Wide Web, efforts are being made by the government and big business corporations to put controls, "fees & taxes" on the Internet, taking away the FREE world services/capabilities of the thousands of independent Internet Radio stations, small business marketing entrepreneurs, independent retailers, new businesses, independent web magazines such as this one, social media and limiting the ability of BILLIONS of people around the World to communicate and share Art, Culture, honest news, and free thought without government/corporate influence & interference, while increasing the costs of everything, and helping contribute to even MORE inflation on the working class.

Man!...that REALLY sucks! They want to kill what the Internet was created for !!

From where I stand, it looks like big money corporations will once again be putting the squeeze on the working/middle/lower income class and the poor, while gaining MORE control over everything for profit, meanwhile kicking small businesses to the curb as they squeeze every last dime out of us with the blessings of the Government...

...while on the other side, it looks like more taxes, fees & regulation/control over everything, as the free World shrinks into the pockets of the rich professional criminals known as politicians, as they practice a warped & perverted sense of "Government by and for the people" while at the same time prostituting themselves to the big corporations...literally screwing "We the people" for big bucks!

The "Official" government bullshit spin is that it "Will make it fair for everyone".
("Everyone" of course meaning the Government, and those with the biggest bucks only)

Our ONLY recourse is education, communication of the truth, promotion of the Arts, and THE VOTE!!!! Bad politicians are elected by good people who refuse to vote. Boycotting your right to vote is tantamount to surrender and submission. Pass THAT ONE around, please

I truly believe that web magazines like LatinoLA and Facebook pages like Califaztlan helped bring out a large Latino vote that pretty much kept the west coast & southwestern United States Democrat...sending a strong message to the Republican powers that be.

Politics, religion, and money being some of the most difficult issues to reach a consensus on, I'll cut it here...but PLEASE keep your eyes open!

Now for the music news, watcha:

Summer of 2014 saw a lot of good music concerts & events that brought out the Gente Brown in record numbers, thanks to a recovering economy, compared to just two years ago.

All over the Land of 1000 Dances, Ray Carrion and his Latin All Star Shows made the music that had the Raza dancing & celebrating life all summer, featuring such popular artists as Steve & Rudy Salas,Tex Nakamura, Victor Orlando, Hank Castro, Rocky Padilla, Pat Vegas, Jimmy Espinosa, Bobby Navarette, Bobby Loya, Tony Hernandez, TeCheetah Lopez, Gilbert Stokes, Johnny Burrolla, Mike Castenon, Tony Banda,Greg Esparza, Joey Navarro, Richard Bean, Bob de Sena, Ersi Arvisu, Mike Jiminez, Monibee Henley, Frankie Fontaine and others

Thee MIDNITERS and The TEMPTATIONS Revue also made some serious appearances in the L.A. area, most notably at the San Pedro Harbor/Ports O' Call's Marina Seafood Restaurant thanks to promoters Christina Mirosal and Titus Smith, who gave myself and brothers East L.A Revue Radio DJ's Sugarbear & Chico Manqueros the nod to serve as Hosts & MC's for some sold-out full houses..

Besides performing at the Marina Seafood Restaurant & Banquet Hall to good-sized crowds, the "Soul Pachuco" Louie Parra of Thee MAD LATINS, got married to his Lady Arlene this summer at the very same location.Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Parra! The party was on!

After years of being a couple of THEE venues for Chicano music shows on the east side and San Gabriel Valley, Gringo's Cantina on Whittier Boulevard in Montebello, and Nick's Taste of Texas in Covina closed their doors for business this summer...bummer !

Over the Summer, there were some nice shows I was associated with, and I thank the promoters & performers for including us and allowing us to bring the music to the people.

In September, there was a fundraiser show at Druids Hall in Bakersfield that I was honored to be Host & MC to help benefit Mr. Samy Luna of the ELEMENTS Band, who is battling cancer. I was joined by DJ Mike "Timebomb" Castenon, Freddy Fender Jr, The Elements Band, and other local talent, who also included an authentic American Native Medicine Man dance. Samy's still with us, so it must have had a positive effect.

The biggest lowriding Classic Car Show this summer was held in Santa Paula, California, hosted by the Ventura County Chapter of the PACHUCO Car Club, which attracted more than a couple thousand people, and some of the finest rides, bikes, and ladies could be found here under the Southern Califas Summer sun. I was honored to serve as MC & House DJ, along with Sugarbear & Timebomb Castenon. Timebomb also joined guest performers Ray Carrion, Rocky Padilla, Bobby Loya, Pepe Marquez, Dora Sanchez and Hank Castro as they joined the Juano & Friends Band for some fine music performances & Carnalismo under the sun. Actor Danny De LaPaz and KUCR FM DJ's Hector "The Nite Owl" Arzola & Tripp were also in the house, playing some fine DooWops. The PACHUCO Car Club members were more than gentlemen to everybody attending, and a memorable time was had by all.

Not to be outdone on the other side of Aztlan, the Inland Empire Chapters of the VIEJITOS Car Clubs joined up with Deborah Perez & The American Liver Foundation and put on a great Car Show/Fundraiser concert of their own just a couple weeks later in Corona that again included myself & DJ Sugarbear as DJs, and included live performances by Choppers Esquivel, The LiL Eddie Oldies Band, the Eastside Groove Band, the Heartbreakers, and the Rocky Padilla Band. The VIEJITOS Car Club members and their families were welcoming to all attending, and Deborah Perez says a sizable amount of money was raised for the American Liver Foundation, vowing to do it again next year.

Also in mid-Summer, comedian Gilbert Esquivel brought his much acclaimed Comedy & Music Dance show back to the San Fernando Valley, bringing The LIGHTER SHADE of BROWN duo out of retirement for a great performance that included music by Rocky Padilla, and showcased some popular comedians at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City for a sold-out show.

The yearly Avocado Festival up in Carpinteria was bigger than ever, drawing well over 10,000 people over the 3-day festival that included live music performances by the ROOSTERS, MESTIZO, the GROOVELINE Band featuring BECKY CORDOVA, the HOUSE ARREST Band, and of course, the Soul Man of Santa Barbara, PEPE MARQUEZ & The FLASHBACKS, among many others.

Some real good music CD's were released over the course of the Summer that made a debut around the Country and on East L.A. Revue Radio that included releases by Tejano legend Johnny Hernandez, Bluesmen Mark Sells & Mike Pachelli, Latin Jazz artist Bob "Mr. Fantastic" DeSena, Classic East L.A.Chicano DooWoppers The Heartbreakers, and the pride of San Bernardino, ORIGINAL SACRIFICE.

LatinoLA takes pride in congratulating Bob DeSena as being selected as the 2014 Jazz Artist of the Year at the Los Angeles Music Awards recently, with his latest CD "After Midnight" being voted producer's choice of the year. I was honored to have written the CD liner notes and debut a couple songs on my radio show.

After many years,Texas's Godfather of Tejano-Chicano Soul "Crazy Chuy" Hernandez came out to the Land of 1000 Dances for a weekend visit and was greeted like Chicano Music family by many current performing artists such as Pepe Marquez, Ray & Becky Cordova, Lulu Cardona, Freddy Gusman, Alma Gonzalez, Mike Castanon, the TEASE Band, Paris Escobedo, Robert Benavides, Freddy Fender Jr., Ray Carrion,Gilbert Stokes, TeCheetah Lopez, Bobby Navarette and many others as we caught live performances all weekend, as well as hosting a private reception party for him and his wife Janie.

November 10th was the U.S. Marine Corps's 239th birthday, and November 11th was Veteran's Day. A grateful nation showed their love with parades and other events, with big local parades in East L.A. and Pasadena drawing large crowds,and almost EVERYBODY thanking Veterans for their service in no uncertain or quiet terms. .

..as a Veteran, I thank you all!

Promoter Vincent Diaz of the Inland Empire has become known for putting on some great music concerts for the Gente recently at Stinger's Nightclub in San Bernardino, bringing Orange County's BARELA Band earlier his Summer, and bringing the fabulous DOWN WITH 3, and the powerful ORIGINAL SACRIFICE Band this past Friday.

ORIGINAL SACRIFICE recently released their 1st CD after more than 25 years as a performing group, produced by Phil Avila, and last Friday's performance was their CD release party that drew a large crowd of fans & followers that packed Stinger's to standing room only capacity.

The CD is a fine musical work of art, with lead vocalists Monibee Henley and Delbert White pouring their hearts into their work, which was reflected in Friday night's performance, especially with Monibee's heart-rendering performance of the Smokey Robinson classic "Ooh Baby Baby" that drew a loud standing ovation.

Of course DW3 put on a masterful performance that proved why they are one of the premier music groups on the West Coast with their masterful music talent and 3-part harmony.

Steven's Steakhouse in East L.A. will be the place to be on November 30th as Rudy Salas of TIERRA fame brings his new group The EASTSIDE ALL STARS to the stage, including artists such as Rocky Padilla, Greg Esparza, Roger Rivas, Jimmy Espinosa and Sal Rodriguez. Tickets on sale at 562-418-9284 & 323-396-2438.

On December 7th, I will again be joining up with promoter Deborah Perez and the Southern Chapter of the Viejitos Car Club for a Toys for Tots Car & Bike Show at the Round Table Pizza in Corona.Entertainment will be provided by BB WOLF and the BLUE HAZE Blues Band. I will be your Host & DJ. Admission is an unwrapped toy or $10.00. All Car Clubs,Bike Clubs and solo riders are welcome. For more info: 951-2602.

Orale, the Holiday Season is upon us. All of us at LatinoLA wish you & your familias a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years.

More to come...ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances.

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul, heard daily on Internet Radio Station www.eastLArevue.com and found easily on Facebook.
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