Nat Geo Mundo Relives the 90s

LOS 90 takes you back to the historic moments, cultural events and technology trends that defined the era that connected us.

Published on LatinoLA: November 18, 2014

Nat Geo Mundo Relives the 90s

LOS 90 marked a new world order, ten years where technology changed our daily lives, and the lines between fiction and reality were diffused. It is when reality shows were born, and series like Seinfeld, Friends and the X Files were all hits on TV. A decade where everything seemed possible.

LOS 90 airs on Nat Geo Mundo Saturdays at 7pm ET/PM and is narrated by Martha Debayle and Martin Hernandez. Important figures and celebrities of the time help us remember LOS 90, the decade that transformed the world we live in.

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