Al Madrigal is a Coconut on a Quest for Identity

Se??or Latino Correspondent of The Daily Show stars in docu-comedy "Half Like Me" on Fusion, January 22

By Comic Saenz, Pocho.com
Published on LatinoLA: January 16, 2015

Al Madrigal is a Coconut on a Quest for Identity

Originally published at Pocho.com. Republished by permission.

Watch the trailer for "Half Like Me: here.

Al "Coconut" Madrigal (white inside, brown outside) knew turning an intensely personal journey into a docu-comedy wouldn't be one easy trick, but he never anticipated what happened next.

"I set out to dial down my pocho level from a ten to a five," he told http://pocho.com POCHO in a text message recently, "and ultimately something much greater and unexpected happened. I ended up not giving a shit."

"I encourage others to try it, feels great."

Al got some help from three mostly-reliable sources:

Univision's Jorge Ramos
POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz, and
Gustavo ?íAsk a Mexican! Arellano.

(Some viewers may recognize the location where Al, Lalo and Gustavo drink micheladas as a luvly wine bar in East Los. Other viewers may recognize Al from the hit NBC sitcom About A Boy. It's a free country, OK?)

In an email, Alcaraz explained how he and Gustavo, editor of the OC Weekly, felt about working with the Se??or Latino Correspondent of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

"Gus and I were happy to help young Alessandro on his journey of self-mex-discovery. Al Madrigal is the hardest-working half-Mexican in Hollywood today."

A text from Gustavo echoed the sentiment:

"Al is a mensch for letting Lalo and me help him with this project. He was a gentleman and a cabr??n, and pocho America will be glad to embrace him as one of our own. He's our secret weapon in the #televisionreconquista."

?íChekalo! Half Like Me debuts January 22 on FUSION. Consult your local cable listings.

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