Where Fame and Fortune Are King

Aaanold knows the drill well and used it to his full advantage

By Alejandro J. Diaz
Published on LatinoLA: October 14, 2003

Where Fame and Fortune Are King

Last week?s election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the governor?s post sadly solidified what I?ve feared these last few years; that our culture has successfully been programmed to legitimize a person solely on the basis of wealth and celebridom.

We no longer take the time to ask pertinent questions about ideals, experience, or even goals and purposes. Instead we rely purely on spoon-fed fantasy. I don?t know if it?s mere ignorance or some twisted form of escapism. Whatever the reason we are allowing our country to be run by superficial and unqualified individuals.

We don?t even seem to care about very relevant personal indiscretions that can speak volumes of a person?s character. In Aaanold?s case, several women came forward to say that he had violated them by groping them in public, and ridiculously enough, people -- women included -- came to his defense saying that we shouldn?t take this out of context because for the most part he had treated women with respect.

With that logic in mind, before placing judgment on a person who kills someone we should then first take into account the fact that the murderer had only taken one person?s life out of the thousands of people he had come into contact with. If there was ever a spin-doctor in the house, it was in this campaign.

Schwarzenegger vowed that he would address this matter after the election, but when asked about it after he had just overwhelmingly defeated Davis, the new Governor Elect merely waved off the question as being old news. The LA Times was imploring people not to get swept up in this celebrity fog but unfortunately not enough people read newspapers nowadays. And they were immediately accused of being biased when in reality they were only putting out the facts so that the electorate could make an informed decision.

The African-American community were the only ones not fooled: 80% of them did not vote for Schwarzenegger.

In the movies Aaanold is a big strong hero who saves the good from the bad over and over again, but in the real world things are much more complicated. In his rallies you could see all of those celebrity hounds mobbing him as if it were the premiere of one of his B movies.

It was very sad.

He went so far as to announce his candidacy on The Tonight Show. Jay Leno was even there to introduce him at his victory bash. He was also heralded out on Oprah and Larry King, all the while avoiding any semblance of a serious platform.

Aaanold knows the drill well and used it to his full advantage.

I do indeed think that Mr. Schwarzenegger was intentionally out to prove that all it really takes to win people over in this country, in any arena, are deep pockets, fame, and movie catch phrases. Unfortunately he has succeeded, and in the meantime outed the lack of substance accountability that permeates our society.

Let us just hope that one day soon we will awaken from this haze and refuse to let Hollywood hoodwink us into submission ever again.

About Alejandro J. Diaz:
Alejandro J. Diaz is a freelance writer who is orginally from Chicago.

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