Take a Hike!

MTA strikers: Get back to work

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: October 16, 2003

Take a Hike!

The MTA Union pension fund apparently recently made some bad investments. Maybe bad loans to union officials: Guido, Vito and Carmine. Now in order to recoup those losses they go on strike. "Pay more!" they yell "or walk."

It is sad that our local politicos have sold their souls to public employee unions.

There is nothing wrong with a union striking. I wish the best of luck to Vons and Ralphs employees and hope they can come up with a plan that will make them competitive with Wal Mart and other non-union stores.

If the grocery employees strike, we can go to Wal Mart, Vallarta or any other store to buy our groceries. We have freedom of choice.

In the case of the MTA we cannot. Either we pay up or the MTA Unions will shut down transportation in this city.

If we had a real mayor, a real city council, they would give the MTA Unions 24 hours to get back to work. If they did not, they would all be fired. Replacements could be hired at $15 an hour including benefits and the lines of applicants would be endless.

Many of the Dash lines and other non-union bus lines are as efficient and provide the same service as the MTA at 25% of the cost.

But that is not to be, as the Union bosses own all of the local politicians.

It is also amazing that most of the mainstream Hispanic media supports the MTA strikers. Support the workers, support the strikers, support our brothers in the syndicate. It appears that any strike, no matter who or what the strike is about is worthy of support by the Hispanic media.

This of course is at the expense of the poor people who work for minimum wages and who depend on public transportation in order to get to their jobs.

That is, Hispanics. The striker who makes over $60,000 a year is worthy of support while the poor guy who makes $12,000 a year gets to walk or miss work. Isn't there something wrong with this?

No public employee should be allowed to strike. If the public is forced to use only their services they should be forced not to strike.

The MTA is a monopoly as there is no freedom of choice.

If we had real leadership in Los Angeles they would do exactly what President Ronald Reagan did when faced with the Air Traffic Controllers strike which threatened to paralyze the nation....get back to work...or as our new Governor would say, "Hasta la Vista Baby".

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Alberto R. Marrero Salas born in Cuba. Administrator Nacara2000/ Estamos Unidos (Wilshire)Immigration Services. Married to Olivia Rodriguez from El Salvador.

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